Rock & roll look – 3 fashionable inspirations
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Rock & roll look – 3 fashionable inspirations

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Nothing allows you to express yourself like style. It is through your choice of clothes, shoes and accessories that you are able to create a unique outfit, in which you feel like in a second skin. And if you are a fan of hardcore style, we have a few suggestions for you.

A class apart

The rock & roll aesthetic has something timeless and stylish about it. If you are a fan of big, roomy and eye-catching styles, you are sure to find something to suit you here. Dark maxi dresses, triangle necklines, lots of neck jewelry – often even a combination of gold, silver, thongs and precious metals – dishevelled, unstyled hair and self-confidence: these are the hallmarks of rock & roll. There is no need to be afraid of accessorising or overdoing it when it comes to the rock ‘n’ roll look, which often features lavish, red and gold accents. These outfits are often full of glamour, with red and gold accents and a dark and individual atmosphere. You don’t have to go all out with dark colors; on the contrary, you can mix and match any number of colors. Anything goes!

Rock & roll meets grungy

This is an interesting combination that can work for more casual outings. Here you can combine your color and style preferences with everyday wear. Styling will be created easily from what you have on hand – a combination of loose T-shirt, flannel shirt and worn jeans will be perfect. The outfit will be perfectly completed with a studded belt and glans, which you can find for example here If you feel like it, you can add matching makeup – golden eyeliner or purple lipstick will work perfectly. Combinations of black with strong, aggressive colors will also be perfect – both in terms of clothes and make-up. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and you will surely find something that will let you fully express yourself.

Rock & roll for the love of music

Perhaps this style is more than just a way of dressing for you. If you listen to rock & roll, you can certainly accentuate it in your styling. This can be achieved by wearing outfits based on your favourite artists or incorporating band T-shirts and accessories with their distinctive logos. You can cut off the sleeves of a t-shirt to create a wide-legged t-shirt or fray your jeans a bit to create a casual, independent look that expresses your tastes. Bold animal prints such as leopard or zebra prints on clothes or shoes are also great for you.

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