These 4 types of lingerie every stylish woman should have in her closet!
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These 4 types of lingerie every stylish woman should have in her closet!

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Do you have an underwear set for every eventuality, or is there always something missing from your bra and panties cabinet? We tell you how to create your underwear collection to make it complete and compact at the same time

There are timeless combinations, which are universal – thanks to them you will always have something to put on under any chosen outfit. Check what we have prepared

The right underwear is the basis of a beautiful look, especially when you choose tighter outfits. It is worth to have less underwear, but invest in one that is made of natural and high quality materials. When buying a bra it is worth to consult the size of your bust with a professional bra fitter, who will tell us exactly what models and in what size fit our breasts. Properly selected bra allows to avoid breast deformation and correct posture defects

4 types of underwear, which each of us should have

1. Lingerie sets

In the first place it is worth betting on the proven classics of lingerie fashion, i.e. matching bras and panties. It is worth to bet on the top and bottom of the set in universal, proven colors, which may be combined in various combinations. You do not have to buy dedicated sets in the store, although they look the most impressive and sensual. It is worth having several types of bras to suit your bust size and individual tastes. The bras without underwire may not work for every woman, also those with a push-up option are not likely to be useful for the owners of abundant breasts. The panties from a set of underwear can be of various types. The offer of stores includes panties, thongs, high-waisted panties or tightly cut bras. It is worth to keep the sets in similar colors and aesthetics

2. Nightdress

Every woman’s closet should include a nightgown, which will quickly put her in a sensual mood. It is worth betting on a shirt made of lace or high quality silk, so that the underwear will be pleasant to the touch. It is a good idea to bet on models that are beautifully tailored and you feel like a million dollars in them. Underwear accessories have become very fashionable, so such a shirt will also work well with an elegant jacket or as a top under an asymmetrical sweater, which beautifully exposes the shoulder

3. Underwear body

Another version of underwear, which can also be used as an element of casual styling, is the bodysuit. It is a sensual type of underwear, which perfectly emphasizes the assets of a silhouette, if it is properly chosen. The most popular are lace or mesh bodysuits in black, white or maroon. How to wear a lingerie bodysuit outside the walls of a private bedroom? This set goes well with high-waisted jeans or pencil skirt. However, it is worth putting on some top – a leather biker jacket or an elegant blazer will be perfect. An interesting outfit may be wearing a bodysuit with a suit or a tightly cut suit. As mentioned above, lingerie items are no longer shocking, but become a fashionable complement to both evening and casual outfits

4. Black bra

Our list closes with the most popular type of underwear, which is also the most practical element to wear under clothes. It is, of course, the black bra, which goes well with most outfits and at the same time looks beautiful on its own, some people use it as one of the styling elements. Stylish women don’t care that a black bra stands out under a white t-shirt. It is worth having at least one universal, smooth bra in your closet, which fits us like a second skin. It’s a guarantee of looking great and feeling good

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