Top 3 shoes for spring
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Top 3 shoes for spring

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When spring comes, we happily uncover calves and ankles that were hidden during winter. We put away boots and boots to the bottom of our closet, and we take out… Well, what exactly? There are models of shoes which probably each of us has in her closet. And if not, it’s definitely worth investing in them

They perfectly match clothes which we wear during the first warmer months. They are a consistent complement to spring stylizations, in which shorter cuts, lighter materials and brighter colors return. They are timeless and never go out of fashion. Every year we can discover them anew, as they come in various modifications and are not left out by trends. What shoes are we talking about?


Women’s ballerinas are a classic that is the quintessence of romantic, girlish style. They match dresses and skirts regardless of their length – mini, midi and maxi. However, there are many more applications. When matched with work clothes, ballerinas assume an elegant character. You can wear them both with a business dress and with tailored pants. They even look good with a pencil skirt! They are a great alternative to uncomfortable heeled shoes in everyday outfits. In a casual combination with jeans they will give the whole look a more girlish touch. The most universal models are smooth, in neutral colors: black, navy blue, beige, cream and grey. More interesting and unique will be those with decorations on the front, such as bow, buckle or jewelry accent


A few years ago they hit the streets and they are not going anywhere. We fell in love with them first of all for their comfort, but also for their beautiful look. Sneakers are not just ordinary shoes for running or a walk in the woods. They delight with forms, color combinations and patterns. Equally fashionable as those fancy and eye-catching are minimalist models, with a classic shape and muted color, especially white. When choosing a model for yourself, just follow your taste, and then wear it with everything. This is what trendsetters do. They match sneakers not only with sporty and casual clothes. As often as with tracksuits, sweatshirts and jeans, they go with floaty dresses, midi skirts, even tailored pants and ladies’ suits! All tricks are allowed, and the less obvious the sneaker, the more fashionable the look.


They come in many different versions, so you can easily match them to your style. The most girly moccasins are suede ones in light pastel colors. They look best in cream, beige, powder pink and blue. They go well with dresses and skirts, as well as with material pants. They are a perfect addition to boho style outfits. It is also worth remembering that moccasins are inseparably associated with the sailor style. Sailing character of models in navy blue, white and red colors is perfectly emphasized by clothes and accessories in these colors, as well as by striped pattern. Leather, black moccasins are an ideal proposition for self-confident women who like to look elegant and professional. For formal occasions such moccasins go best with cigarette pants, and in an urban styling they look great together with skinny jeans. This year’s hot trend are moccasins with gold jewellery accent – thick chain or buckle in Gucci style

These types of shoes are a real must have for women’s closet. They are timeless, comfortable and easy to style. You can successfully build sets with them for various occasions: for a walk, to work and for a date. You can freely combine them with different clothes from your closet. You can create successful stylizations with them regardless of whether you love dresses or you choose pants for everyday wear. They are chosen both by those of us who like fashion experiments, as well as by those who are looking for safe solutions. Among the huge number of proposals will certainly find models that will suit your tastes and style

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