Bags and handbags – the perfect substitute for a city backpack
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Bags and handbags – the perfect substitute for a city backpack

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A backpack is a convenient and practical way to carry essentials with you when you are away from home. Unfortunately, the sporty look of a backpack often makes it incompatible with styling that is meant to be elegant or romantic. Therefore, handbags are the perfect substitute of a city backpack for more classic outfits. We present the most fashionable models of handbags


The name of this type of bag comes from a bag that letter carriers carry with them to work. It is large, capacious, comfortable and very universal in style. Its aesthetics is so neutral that you can easily wear it both with a dress and with pants. A leather letterman bag will look great with jeans and a simple blazer, as well as an addition to a romantic and airy spring dress. They are available in many colors, so they can be both a neutral addition to the styling, as well as a bold accent of color on the subdued background. The cut of these bags has the advantage of being very comfortable to wear both on one shoulder and slanted across the body

Shopper bag

If you like to be prepared for every eventuality and your bag is always full to the brim, the shopper bag is the perfect model for you. These bags are large, capacious and very comfortable. In such a bag, for sure, apart from a wallet, keys and a pack of tissues, you can also fit a cosmetic bag, a box of plasters, a stick for abrasions, hair spray, hand cream and a bottle of water. A bag made of leather is the best solution for a shopper bag, because this material is famous for its strength and durability. If you carry heavy things, the fabric could rip, while leather perfectly withstands heavy load and tension.

Something for gentlemen

Not only women can wear handbags! A men’s bag is an alternative to a backpack for classy men. If you have to wear elegant clothes to work, or even a suit, a backpack is no match for such styling. Some men choose a briefcase in this situation, but this option does not appeal to everyone, besides, it will not work when carrying a laptop, for example. Shoulder bag for a guy is a great and stylish addition to both elegant and casual outfits. The bag can easily fit a laptop, briefcase and all the necessary utensils and personal items.

Handbag and backpack in one

People who like variety will surely be delighted with this idea – a city backpack, which can be turned into a handbag in one go. Such a gadget is a perfect solution for a minimalist closet or a capsule closet, where the quality and practicality of things counts not the quantity. The more uses for one piece of clothing or accessory in a capsule closet, the better, so a backpack and handbag in one is a great and versatile combination. Thanks to its variability, such a bag goes with very many styles and will work with both a dress and a tracksuit

Fashion is very diverse and versatile, and your job is not to give in to trends that don’t suit you, but to match them. Accessories can completely change the character of an outfit, so it is through accessories that it is easiest to express yourself and personalize your outfit. Handbags, satchels and backpacks are a great way to liven up an outfit and use practical accessories in fashion.

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