Kate Perry vs Lady Gaga – we rate the stars’ stage image
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Kate Perry vs Lady Gaga – we rate the stars’ stage image

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In addition to the fact that their songs have been on the charts for years, played by radio stations and gaining more and more views on Internet sites, Kate Perry and Lady Gaga attract attention with their stage images. But which of the modern pop stars dresses better?

Perry versus Gaga – do both stars build their stage image on kitsch?

There is no doubt that both singers are not afraid to experiment when it comes to their appearance. They choose their costumes boldly, sometimes even vulgar, not only in their music videos, but also during their concerts. Thanks to this they are covered by newspapers and gossip portals, according to the principle “it doesn’t matter what they say, but what they say is important”.

Kate Perry – surprises her fans with metamorphoses

Kate Perry knows how to electrify her fans. The singer has already sported hair of almost every shade. The most famous hair colour was blue when she promoted her song “Teenage Dream”. We have also seen her with long, raven-black hair as well as with short, blonde hair. Perry also has a weakness for multicoloured outfits, which she shows not only in her music videos but also during her big galas. Unforgettable is her pink latex jumpsuit that she wore to a gala in New York in 2018 (in the style of the 1990s, of which Perry is a huge fan). In it, she looked like a living Barbie doll. The creation was not at all a random choice, it was meant to attract and draw attention to the issue of fighting cancer.

Unlike many celebrities on the front pages of newspapers, Kate Perry does not follow the latest catwalk trends blindly. The pop star is very consistent in her outfits and approaches them with great detachment. When she started her music career she was balancing on the verge of kitsch, she wanted to be noticed, her styles were flashy but always reflected the atmosphere of the album or single she was promoting. Over the years Perry’s outfits became more balanced, but never copied or copied from others

Lady Gaga’s stylistic phenomenon

In terms of stage image, Lady Gaga, or rather Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, certainly beats all other big stars, including Kate Perry. She has taken the charts by storm and surprises non-stop with her hairstyles. Like other stars, Gaga has spent years trying to make a name for herself in show business and she has succeeded like no one else. Moreover, her stage outfits have long been part of pop culture history. Lady Gaga first of all had an idea for herself. Admittedly, her outfits evoke extreme feelings and emotions, as for some they are the height of kitsch, while for others Gaga is considered a unique fashion icon. Which of her outfits caused the biggest fuss?

Gaga loves controversy and is notorious for breaking conventions. Her style in the famous dress designed by Franco Fernandez made of … meat is definitely memorable. Gaga wore it in 2010 for the MTV Video Music Awards Gala. Definitely the period of the most colorful and even kitschy creations in her career was the time when the singer promoted the 2013 album – “ARTPOP”.

Gaga also made her contribution by contributing to the popularity of the gigantically high Armadillo stilettos designed by Alexander McQueen, which are now inextricably associated with her stage creations and already iconic music videos. To this day, fashion styles from Gaga’s music videos are among the most frequently played, especially at theme parties. The studded ramones from “Telephone” and the glittering outfits from “Bad Romance” are still very popular. Her hairstyles have also become iconic. Her platinum-coloured long hair with bangs and her strawberry blonde haircut are examples of styles, which are copied by teenagers all over the world.

Although both pop stars have made their share of fashion blunders, they do not seem to mind. Both Kate Perry and Lady Gaga have developed their own unique styles over the years. It can be said that they started similarly, with slightly kitschy stage outfits that were mainly thematically linked to released videos and promoted their subsequent albums. Today they are much more mature women – mainly in terms of image, but it does not change the fact that for a good cause they could once again dress head to toe in latex outfits.

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