Fashion lessons from Beyonce, the queen of flash and confidence
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Fashion lessons from Beyonce, the queen of flash and confidence

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The American artist is a true icon of music, dance, but also style, which was sealed by the award Beyonce received in 2016 from the CFDA Fashion Awards. The star’s clothing has evolved considerably over the years. What could we learn from her?

Beyonce’s style has generated a lot of interest over the years. The celebrity has been in the limelight for most of her life, has picked up dozens of awards, and as a result, we have seen her numerous red carpet looks. Beyonce has a few timeless outfits to her credit as well as a few less successful ones from when she was just learning fashion.

The most important thing in fashion is to keep experimenting

The biggest honor for the singer’s emerging sense of style was the Fashion Icon statuette she received five years ago. During the gala, she commented on her beginnings with the world of fashion, in which her mother had a significant part:

“When we started in Destiny’s Child, most brands didn’t want to dress four black girls with curves. We couldn’t afford designers. Mom was turned down by every showroom in New York. But like Grandma, she used her talent and creativity to make her children’s dreams come true. When I put on those clothes, I felt like Khaleesi [the queen from Game of Thrones] on stage. It was real armor. I felt better than any brand.”

Style isn’t just about a well-known label

The first lesson from Beyonce is that it’s not price that matters, but creativity and openness to new ideas. The Destiny’s Child girl band’s creations are memorable not only for the band’s fans, but for many people around the world. They were created in Tina Knowles’ home and looked stunning on the red carpet. Any style is perfect if you feel good in it, regardless of the material, label or logo. Beyonce is a very strong personality whose outfits always emphasized her smile and confidence.

Not a size 36? Your curves are something to be proud of!

The second important message from Queen B is – don’t be ashamed of your curves, accentuate them and make all eyes on you the moment you appear in any room. Beyonce is one of the first world-famous celebrities to promote the fashion of tight styles for shapely girls

The singer has an extremely feminine figure that she never covers up, whether in elegant gowns or casual jeans accompanied by a T-shirt. Self-confidence is her middle name, which she shows through her daring outfits. If you have a few excess kilograms and think that it’s best to mask them with oversized clothes, bet instead on the courage to expose the assets of your figure.

Beyonce also taught us that high heels go with everything. The singer almost never parts with them. Stilettos elongate your legs and figure, and make you feel slender and sexy. If you ever thought that high heels worn with ordinary jeans are a misunderstanding, know that Beyonce does not agree with this opinion. She completes each of her looks with sky-high stilettos that spice up the final look.

There’s another part of her closet besides shoes that Beyonce is very fond of. These are pencil skirts, which are obviously tight fitting. Compared to others, this is not a bold choice, but more classic. The singer sometimes matches them with elegant shirts and sometimes with sporty sweatshirts. Both solutions look very fashionable.

Shine bright like a Diamond!

While fashion has seen time and time again that the less the better, suddenly there is a star who is the perfect example that you can shine from head to toe and still look great.

Beyonce loves to experiment and play with fashion. The singer knows how to combine bold colors such as purple and red and patterns. She loves gold, jewelry and accessories. Her hairstyles are never lacking in dazzling glamour. Queen B’s most frequent choices are short embellished dresses, to which she matches large, eye-catching earrings and trendy branded high-heeled shoes.

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