Kendall vs. Kylie. Which of the Jenner sisters has better style?
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Kendall vs. Kylie. Which of the Jenner sisters has better style?

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner are sisters living in America. They gained their fame mainly thanks to their participation in the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, where apart from the sisters, the Jenner family also starred.

Both women have extraordinary beauty and interesting looks. However, they choose very different hairstyles. Are you curious which of the sisters has the better style?

The world is following the Kardashian-Jenner family with great attention, almost like Queen Elizabeth and the entire royal family. The sisters are keen on their profiles on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. They talk about them that they form the most controversial family in the world. The girls, despite their young age, are the faces of many cosmetic and fashion brands.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is a model, which in the past no one predicted to work in this industry. Her adventure with modeling began 7 years ago, at the show of Marc Jacobs, an American fashion designer. Today she earns millions working in her profession and is featured on the covers of the most famous magazines. The model likes to be creative in fashion and has a beautiful body that she likes to show off by wearing open tops and short skirts

She likes to refer to the vintage style in the way she dresses. Most often she reaches for tight-fitting clothes, tight to the body. We are not surprised, as the owner of the ideal figure has the right to do so. She does not like bulky blouses or oversize shirts. Each piece of clothing is perfectly tailored, with attention to detail.

On everyday basis she puts emphasis on comfort and freedom of movement. Here leggings or shorts emphasizing her figure, like bikers, come in handy. In the evening she wears maxi dresses emphasizing her waist or a tight bodycon dress.

Her closet also includes black jumpsuits with ornate cut-outs exposing her cleavage or back. Despite her height (Kendall is 179 cm) she wears high heeled shoes. Knowing the ins and outs of fashion, she carefully selects clothes that suit her figure and emphasize it.

Born in 1995 the model willingly chooses avant-garde solutions, combining comfort with elegance. She was one of the first women to wear elevated flip-flops or bags with short handles called “baguettes”.

She contributed to the spread of fashion for geometric glasses in the style of “Matrix”, which are still very popular today. Besides, she is famous for her individuality and never repeats styles she has already worn.

Kylie Jenner

Kendall’s sister Kylie Jenner, who is two years younger than Kendall, is also very popular. She has already become a multi-billionaire and, like her sister, has gained fame through the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. She founded the cosmetics company Kylie Cosmetics, which carries high-shelf skincare and makeup products for men and women of all ages.

Kylie is committed to vegan product formulations and not testing on animals. The mom of a nearly three-year-old daughter likes to share photos of her expensive hairstyles on Instagram. One of them is taken in a private plane. The girl is wearing a business outfit, consisting of a light jacket, pants and sandals. Additionally, she is adorned with elements of gold jewelry and a Birkin Hermes handbag. Although she is not as slim as her sister, she willingly reveals her body. She very quickly returned to shape after pregnancy and can still boast of her ideal figure.

Her Instagram is filled with pictures in swimsuits imitating jewelry, tops revealing cleavage and high-waisted pants. Jenner often wears tight dresses and pairs them with heeled shoes. She is one of the proponents of dressing herself and her daughter in the same clothes.

The sisters have a very similar sense of style and taste. The only thing that makes them different is their figure. Kendall is clearly slimmer, which is due to the nature of her work. Kylie’s styling is more classic without neglecting any details. Both prefer exclusive brands and products of well-known designers. They have created a fashion label together, which means that they must speak a common fashion language

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