What has Jennifer Lopez taught us about style?
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What has Jennifer Lopez taught us about style?

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The Latina beauty for years delighted not only her colleagues in the Hollywood film industry, her style is inspired by many women from around the world. What is the phenomenon of Jennifer Lopez?

Looking at Jennifer Lopez, it is hard to believe that the film and music star is already 50 years old! J.Lo is still full of girlish charm and her styles are full of sex appeal, but it was not always so. The beginnings of the artist with Latin roots in show business were not so rosy. Especially her image left a lot to be desired. Exaggerated make-up, ill-fitting outfits, well, J.Lo, like most stars, adjusted to the fashion of the decade and blindly followed the trends. Today, however, she is a woman aware of her assets and her style is in a class of its own.

Jennifer Lopez inspires millions of women

She started her career in the 90s of the twentieth century, she did not have a developed style then, she was just looking for it. There were many different styles, not always to the liking of fashion critics. Jennifer has naturally curly hair and at the beginning of her career she did not manage it very well, but as the years went by and she earned more money, she relied on the advice of professional stylists, whom she hired to watch over her image.

Originally from the Bronx, the star was a fan of street fashion. Since she is also a professional dancer and singer, her styling in the late 90s was heavily in the sporty spirit. Short tops, necessarily up to the navel to show the belly, tracksuit pants and sneakers. In many interviews she herself has repeatedly emphasized that the environment in which she grew up influenced her sense of style, which referred to the street style, and her outfits always had to be glamorous

Lopez is not a typically slim artist by Hollywood standards, but her body is athletic, the result of many hours spent in the gym under the guidance of a personal trainer. Her style continued to evolve throughout the early 2000s, and as her career gained momentum, so did her appearance

Clothes are her way of expressing herself

Over the years and with experience gained in both the music and film industries, Lopez has become a conscious fashionista. She is said to have ushered in a new era of style when she appeared in a Versace design jungle dress with a waist-length neckline at the Grammy Awards in 2000. Two decades later, she closed the Versace show in this gown

For years, every gown from haute couture (this is a division of luxury tailoring that deals with the creation of custom-made clothes for a specific client) that J.Lo wears has elicited admiration on the red carpet. In 2019, Jennifer Lopez was among the winners of the CFDA Fashion Icon Award, alongside celebrities such as Beyonce, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Depp and Rihanna

What does J.Lo teach us about style?

Lopez has shown over the years that the most important idea to follow when choosing outfits is self-expression. Our clothes should reflect our “self”. Jennifer is also an example of a star that each of us can identify with, because at the beginning of her career she resembled the girl next door. She is not ashamed of how she used to look, many times even joking with herself while looking at pictures from years ago.

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