What jewelry to wear to work?

What jewelry to wear to work?

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There is no doubt that your workplace has a dress code, which you follow to plan your daily outfits. This dress, those pants with that shirt… Everything is buttoned up and stylish at the same time. However, if you have not thought before about what unobtrusive and at the same time fashionable jewelry to choose, this article is for you!

Minimalist jewelry of the stars

You don’t like huge jewelry or maybe such jewelry is not appropriate in your workplace? The so called celebratory necklace is the perfect choice for you. It consists of a delicate chain on which there are elegant, discreet pendants. This kind of jewelry started to be popular a few seasons ago and still doesn’t go out of fashion. Their name comes from the fact that the trend for delicate chains with pendants was started by great stars of foreign music and cinema. Celebrity chains are perfect not only for work. It is jewelry which you can wear to the cinema, for coffee or during a family dinner

Summer is the perfect time to bet on celebratory bracelets or necklaces. A delicate gold chain with a classic weave will go beautifully with a holiday tan, being a subtle decoration of your wrist or neck. Pendants for your celebratory necklace can be assembled on your own. Celebrities often opt for ones with symbolic meaning, though the most popular pendants are those whose meanings we know all too well, such as a heart, padlock or clover

Precious beauty

Do you have to spend your eight hours at work surrounded by bland things? Let yourself go wild and opt for jewelry with precious stones. You don’t have to choose diamonds or rubies right away – less popular precious and semi-precious stones, such as tanzanite or citrine, will also work perfectly. A particularly fashionable choice for summer will be a ball chain on which a decorative stone will hang. It is worth to choose one that will match most of your color range. Many women lately are also opting for a stone that matches their meaning. Whether you’re guided by your zodiac sign, the positive energy of the stone or simply its beauty, a stone pendant will add elegance and grace to any outfit, nobly adorning your neck.

Always on time

A watch for work is not only an accessory for every elegant businessman, but also for every stylish businesswoman. They serve not only a practical function, but also constitute an interesting piece of jewelry, while being a kind of status sign. When looking for a good quality watch, the first place you should visit is definitely a jeweler. In every luxury jewelry store you will find a large selection of timepieces with different dials, as well as straps and bracelets. When choosing a model for work, it is worth choosing one that is both simple and elegant (e.g. with a leather strap) so that it does not overwhelm your style. This is especially important when you have to follow the office dress code when choosing your closet

Controversial brooches

Often – and very wrongly – classified as jewelry for old ladies only, brooches can be a great addition to an elegant outfit for work. However, it is extremely important not to overwhelm your outfit with an additional necklace or eye-catching rings when choosing this stylish accessory. It is the brooch that should play the main role, and overdoing it may simply not be in good taste and make your look look tacky.

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