Flower Essence: Transforming Your Health & Well-Being
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Flower Essence: Transforming Your Health & Well-Being

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The name flower essence may sound pretty, but it’s actually one of the most powerful tools in alternative medicine and holistic healing. It comes from the process of extracting and concentrating the unique vibration of certain flowers into water, then preserved with brandy to prevent spoilage and extend shelf life. Each blossom has its own powerful energy that can be used to support your emotional and physical health!

What are Flower Essences?

These are the vibrational energy of a blossom that is captured in water and preserved with alcohol. This remedy is then taken orally to bring about emotional and physical healing. These can be used to treat a wide range of issues, including anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, and grief. They are also effective for enhancing emotional wellbeing, improving self-esteem, and boosting confidence.

They are typically taken in liquid form and are available in tinctures and teas. They can be placed under your tongue, consumed by your mouth, or added to a glass of water. They are often used alongside other types of treatment such as counseling or medication for best results. 

Best Flower Essences to Try

If you’re looking for a natural way to improve your well-being, this therapy might just be for you. These are diluted plant extracts that are thought to contain the vibrational energy of the plant. This energy is said to promote balance and harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. Many people use these essences in conjunction with other therapies or as part of their daily wellness routine. They can also be used during meditation or yoga practice. The following are the five best flower essences to try:

  1. Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum)

Stress relief, wound healing; promotes calmness

  1. Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Supportive for depression and anxiety aids physical and emotional healing; assists in releasing pent-up emotions 

  1. White Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)

Encourages hope, increases mental clarity; balances worry and fear; promotes peace 

  1. Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)

Supports those dealing with grief and mourning by gently releasing sorrows while fostering new growth 

  1. Chamomile Matricaria recutita

Calms worries about the future by making peace with what is present

Benefits for Your Health & Well-Being

A flower essence is a type of energy medicine that uses the vibrational frequencies of flowers to bring about transformation. The practice of using them dates back thousands of years, and today there are many different essences available to support you in achieving optimum health and wellbeing. Here are seven benefits of flower essence therapy:

  1. Research has shown that emotional issues can manifest physically, which can then lead to poor health and wellness. Sometimes it takes working with an emotional healer before healing can happen on a physical level. 
  2. Using these allows us to bypass this stage altogether by targeting emotional issues directly through the body’s energetic field without having to focus on emotions themselves first. 
  3. They can help relieve pain and other symptoms associated with a variety of conditions and illnesses. 
  4. Emotional aspects of illness are addressed, as well as the physical component—so no need to talk out every emotion before feeling better! 
  5. It also has been proven to have powerful healing effects on mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. 
  6. People who have experienced trauma may find relief from PTSD when they take these or do sessions with an empathic therapist who can address past traumas in order to heal them fully. 
  7. Lastly, essences work great as natural remedies for insomnia because they promote feelings of calmness and relaxation while allowing you to get into a deep sleep more easily than usual—no need for harmful sleep aids or heavy medications!

If you’re looking for a natural way to improve your health and wellbeing, this might be just for you. A flower essence is a type of alternative medicine that uses the energy of flowers to heal the body, mind, and spirit. They can be taken internally or used topically and is safe for both adults and children. Studies have shown that they can help with anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health conditions. If you’re interested in trying them, have a look here to find the best picks.

main photo: unsplash.com/Annie Spratt

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