Top 5 best hairstyles of “Emily in Paris” character

Top 5 best hairstyles of “Emily in Paris” character

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Painfully optimistic and committed, Emily has stolen the hearts of many. Her colourful personality is reflected in her outfits, which are colourful, wacky, and… unparalleled. Here are some of the most interesting outfits.

Colorful America in France

“Emily in Paris” is a series that debuted in early October on the Netflix platform. The plot takes place in the eponymous French capital, to which a young marketing specialist from Chicago is sent to deal with the social media of a local luxury agency. She gets promoted quite accidentally, but from the very first moments you can observe her commitment to her duties. Unfortunately, she does not have it easy and has to deal with many unpleasant situations.

The series has caused a storm on the Internet. French people do not like the stereotypical representation of their mentality. They were shown as haughty, self-confident egotists who do not want to speak English and are constantly flirting, cheating, promiscuous and lazy. In addition, the image of the worker and his rights were also caricatured

Nevertheless, the series gained huge popularity and Netflix confirmed that it will get a second season. Due to the difficult situation that many countries are currently facing, there is no official premiere date yet.

Styling straight out of Gossip Girl?

Played by Lily Collins, Emily is a kind of bomb thrown into a calm ocean. At every turn, she surprises us with her optimism, her smile, her slip-ups and stumbles, her naiveté and her… styling, which is the responsibility of Patricia Field, who has dressed, among others, the stars of “Sex in the City”.

She has certainly succeeded in making one thing known: Emily’s outfits are the talk of the town. The outfits have been dubbed “late Gossip Girl style”. In fact, you can see a lot of references here, for example to the series’ icon, Blair Waldorf.

Jeans, shirt and jacket

This is one of the main character’s calmer and more minimalistic outfits, which can be easily copied and used both in casual and formal situations.

Light blue high-waisted jeans with a wide leg, a white shirt with a 70’s style jabot tucked inside, a short jacket with rolled up sleeves and a handbag with a short belt under the arm. The look is topped off with emerald-colored suede pumps.

Subdued check and red beret

The whole look is very much inspired by the aforementioned Gossip Girl. The jacket and shorts in vichy check were matched with a classic Chanel bag and lacquered high heeled ankle boots.

The accent here is the beret in bright red, which gives the whole outfit a Parisian flair. This is the icing on the cake of this fashion combination.

Pink total look

Pink literally shines through. Emily is dressed head to toe in pink. Heeled shoes, knee socks, skirt, sweater (with elements of black) and a large oversize coat – everything is pink and fuchsia.

This is an outfit that is hard to miss. It can be imitated only by the bravest ones. You need to have a lot of self-confidence and distance to wear it with such a smile as the main character.

Green, green everywhere

Emily’s closet is full of color. Her green coat – this time pastel and with a collar – was of great interest. The other elements of the outfit also come in different shades of green, but what really grabs your attention is the bucket hat, an inconspicuous hat associated with rappers and… fishermen. It is the hit of the season and should be a part of every trend-setting woman’s closet. Emily wears it gracefully and on many occasions.

Black dress – opulent

In this list you can not forget about the beautiful evening styling. The main character can not only wear crazy, colorful outfits, but also elegant black. She delights in a dress that exposes the shoulders and emphasizes the waist

In this cut, many women will look phenomenal. Emily accessorises her outfit with high heels, a shiny handbag and her hair, which is piled up high. Emily also opted for a delicate tiara and red lips.

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