A women’s suit is the perfect choice for the office. See how celebrities wear it

A women’s suit is the perfect choice for the office. See how celebrities wear it

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Women’s suits have not gone out of fashion for several seasons now. It is a phenomenal way for an uninhibited, but elegant outfit, which will work as a style for work

A well tailored blazer, combined with pants or a skirt of the same color, gives many opportunities to create an original look, while at the same time respecting the office dress code. Women’s suits are also loved by celebrities. Find out whose style is worth getting inspired by.

Every well-dressed woman, who likes to dress according to the current trends, should have at least one women’s suit in her closet. This set is perfect as an outfit for work, but you can also wear it in a more casual version, replacing the shirt with a simple T-shirt.

A hit in recent months are total outfits, where you wear one shade of clothing from head to toe. If you want to create a high fashion inspired outfit, bet on a women’s oversized suit. A great advantage of this type of set is its versatility, since it matches many elements of clothing. Suits can be worn with a turtleneck, crop top or corset. It looks great when matched with white sneakers, as well as elegant stilettos or recently fashionable cowboy boots. This is why so many Hollywood celebrities wear women’s suits

Women’s suit. These stars love it

1. Blake Lively

Blake Lively is a star who loves to wear women’s suits, which contrast sensationally with her ultra-feminine beauty. The actress chooses two-piece ensembles both for the red carpet and for everyday wear. The hit show was Blake’s striped navy blue suit, which she accessorized with a stylish vest, a round-brimmed hat, and snakeskin stiletto heels. The star likes men’s styled suits, which she likes to accessorize with a tie.

2. Gigi Hadid

Another celebrity who often opts for stylish suits is model Gigi Hadid. Gigi Hadid’s style combination of elegant pants and jacket is impressive. Her outfits range from total looks to abstract prints and stripes reminiscent of the 1970s.

3. Rihanna

Rihanna is the undisputed queen of style who loves to play with fashion. Recently we could see her great hairstyles, in which she used oversized suits in bold colors. The singer was also able to make a great use of the trend for long-sleeved jackets.

4. Zendaya

Young stars also love elegant and stylish fashion. Zandaya is a great example of this. She does not shy away from wearing trendy outfits. In particular, Zandaya’s fuchsia-coloured total look looks very appealing in combination with her straight haircut

5. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric style with which she loves to attract attention and even shock. The singer sometimes likes to put on a stylish suit, in which she usually looks very impressive

Main photo: Tiger Lily/pexels.com

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