4 Olivia Palermo looks great at work

4 Olivia Palermo looks great at work

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For years, she has been recognized as one of the best-dressed women in the world. Meet Olivia Palermo and see which of her outfits you can use in your business attire.

Olivia Palermo – what is her style?

Olivia Palermo is an American actress and model born in 1986. She became most popular after starring in MTV’s reality show ‘The City’, after which she decided to start a blog. Today she is one of the it-girls, and her styles inspire women all over the world. She is considered a style icon who has an incredible sense of style and knows how to combine seemingly incompatible elements of clothing. Olivia’s profile on Instagram is followed by over 6.5 million people.

What is her secret? Influencer in a characteristic way for her combines unforced elegance with urban casualness. She bases her looks not only on luxury designs, but also on those bought in chain stores. She also likes to add a special touch to her classic color palette.

We have taken a closer look at her outfits and chosen the most suitable ones for work. It is trendy and stylish!

Blue Suit

Women’s suits are very trendy this year, especially when classic pants are replaced with bermudas or ankle-length pants. Olivia chose the latter combination in a typical summer color of blue with a delicate check.

The look is completed with a white T-shirt, bright stiletto heels, gold necklace and sunglasses.

This look will be suitable for many workplaces – it is loose, comfortable and elegant at the same time. On the other hand, if you don’t want to dazzle with expressive jewelry, bet on toned down or give it up altogether.

Go wild with your outerwear

Even the simplest outfit can be easily spiced up with an outerwear piece – an interesting jacket, blazer or coat will draw attention to itself. This time to classic jeans and decorative blouse she put on a boxy coat in landmark pink color.

In this way we can dress in an interesting way, even when we are bound by office dress code. We leave the coat on the hanger, and underneath we can have an outfit that follows the rules at work.

Pleated skirt and sweater

This time we have something for skirt fans. You don’t always have to choose the fitted, pencil skirts in which we may feel a bit constrained. A perfect alternative are pleated midi skirts with elastic waistband – light, airy and fitting to every figure.

Palermo opted for a coral salmon shade and combined it with a sweater in earthy colors. In summer, we can give up the beige coat, but our climate is quite capricious and unpredictable, so it’s worth having some kind of bedspread, preferably kept in the same tone as the sweater.

Shorts for work? Yes!

Many workplaces allow for a looser outfit, especially when the temperature outside the window is high. What is Olivia Palermo’s hairstyle of choice? Shorts plus a shirt and smart flip-flops.

However, make sure that the shorts are the appropriate length. Look for this summer’s hit – Bermuda shorts with a slightly wider leg. A shirt, on the other hand, will give us a more formal character.

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