These elements are worth paying attention to when choosing a sewing machine

These elements are worth paying attention to when choosing a sewing machine

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Are you planning to buy the first sewing machine, but do not know what parameters to follow? We suggest what you should pay attention to.

Sewing can be a wonderful and relaxing way to spend your free time. The latest models of machines often offer a wide range of stitches, they are also characterized by ease and comfort of use, so they encourage creative activities at home. Buying a good quality sewing machine is important, because the wrong device can discourage you from further development in your passion. It is best to choose a model that will allow for comfortable sewing and regular cleaning.

Computerized or mechanical machine?

One of the first decisions to make when buying is to choose between a computerized and mechanical sewing machine. A computerized machine is more intuitive and easier to use and dispenses with the need for a pedal. However, keep in mind that good quality computerized machines tend to be more expensive than mechanical models

A mechanical machine will be best for stitching thick and stiff materials, such as denim. If you have a small budget, it is better to invest in a quality mechanical machine that is convenient to use and maintain

Basic stitches and needle threader

When buying a machine, you should pay attention to the presence of basic functions and stitches. For sewing, most often you need a straight (lockstitch) stitch. Also useful is a reinforced triple stitch, zigzag, triple jump and overlock stitch, designed for edges. A useful feature is also the ability to adjust the density of the stitch, which allows you to adjust the number of needle stitches to the material. Usually in a straight stitch, the rule of thumb is that the thinner the material, the thicker the stitch. If you have a problem with threading the needle, it’s worth buying a model equipped with an automatic threader, so it will take you less time to prepare the machine for work.

Shuttle or rotary gripper?

A sewing machine can be equipped with a pendulum gripper, such as janome juno e1015 or a rotary gripper, such as the janome dxl603. In a sewing machine, the gripper is a complex moving mechanical component. With its help, the threads are bound, so the choice of gripper has a large impact on the quality of each stitch. The pendulum gripper is constructed entirely of metal, which makes it more durable, but it usually works noisier. A rotary gripper, on the other hand, ties the threads more quietly, is easier to use, and is designed mainly for standard fabrics. Keep in mind, however, that the rotary gripper is partially constructed of plastic, which may affect its durability

If you are new to sewing, a good choice might be janome sewing machine, which has a durable metal construction, precise transport mechanism and can handle different types of materials. In addition, many models from this manufacturer have built-in foot lights and an accessory bin to keep your table organized. Elegant janome machine will also work well for home use due to its intuitiveness and binding of high-quality seams. Advantages also include the machine’s long warranty and fast and hassle-free warranty service

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