Commuting to work by bike – how to prepare?

Commuting to work by bike – how to prepare?

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Commuting to work by bike is not only a major cost saver. It is first of all healthy! You just need to prepare yourself properly.

Better mood, fitness and big savings – those are only some of the advantages of commuting by bike. Switching from four wheels to two is an excellent idea that brings only benefits. However, you need to prepare properly to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Take care of your equipment

It’s worth doing a thorough inspection of your bike – inflating the wheels, greasing the chains, etc. Of course your bike must have working lights and reflectors. It’s also a good idea to have your bike serviced so that experts can professionally check that everything is working as it should. Riding a bike that isn’t working properly can be dangerous if you have to brake suddenly. 

In addition to a bike you should invest in a helmet, and you should also think about knee and elbow pads. It’s all about your safety in case you fall. 

You should also think about a carrier or a basket. You will be able to put there e.g. a second breakfast, purse, laptop, documents etc. 

Develop a safe route

Before we set off to work by bike, it is good to work out the best route, check where are the bike paths, on which it will be safe to move. It is good to check them first, e.g. at the weekend, to get an approximate estimation of how long it will take us to get there. Of course, it is worth to take into account some spare time, so that you do not stress later that you will not make it to work.

When preparing a route, you can also use a map on the Internet. Navigation will plan the shortest route and tell you how long it will take to get to your destination. This is beneficial because if you drive a car, you often don’t know the shortcuts that can be taken by bike. 

Locking and parking space

If we don’t have a guarded parking space near work to leave our bike there, it’s essential that we get a good quality lock. It makes it more likely that we will avoid theft. 

It is also worth thinking in advance where we will leave our bike. It should be a busy place rather than a backstreet. 

The right outfit is also important.

Riding a bike in a skirt or a suit is not a good idea. And if we are obliged to look elegant and impeccable at work, it’s worth having a few sets on the spot, or pack them in a backpack or bag and change on the spot. It is also good to take some basic cosmetics, perfume and a brush to quickly improve your look.

And what about shoes? Sporty ones are best for cycling, so if you want to wear heels later, you also need to have them in your locker or office or take them with you. Some ladies choose to ride a bike in stilettos, but you have to remember that it is not safe. 

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