These accessories are the biggest hits this summer!
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These accessories are the biggest hits this summer!

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Stylish accessories are an essential part of any outfit and complement it perfectly. Scarves, hats, and basket bags are just some of the accessories that can easily enhance your outfit

Here is a list of accessories that are worn by the best dressed celebrities

10 accessories that will complete your holiday look

1. Sunglasses with polygonal frames

The hit of the last few months are the angular-framed sunglasses. This is a very strong trend that goes well with both casual and elegant styles. Go for gold or silver frames or choose a model in a vibrant color.

2. Knuckle rings

A very fashionable proposition for summer are knuckle rings, i.e. stylish rings worn on half of the finger. It is best if there is a lot going on on your hands, so it is worth adding a few traditional rings, a bracelet or maybe a watch to your outfit?

3. Stiletto sandals in an elegant version

Stiletto sandals are a classic and timeless proposition, which practically never go out of style. This summer this type of sandals will be worn in a more elegant version with covered toes. It’s a comfortable alternative to stilettos, which can be worn to work.

4. Silk scarves

Silk scarf is an accessory which can be worn in countless ways. It can be used as a stylish head scarf, hair elastic, bracelet, neck scarf or colorful decoration tied to the shoulder of your bag. We will certainly find plenty of uses for it in our summer outfits.

5. Sunglasses with a chain

Another great idea is to invest in sunglasses with a decorative chain hanging on the sides of the frames. This accessory will make you look like a movie star on the beach.

6. XXL beach bag

The XXL beach bag trend is still on, so when looking for the perfect bag for the beach you should opt for a much larger model than usual. It is not only an accessory with a high fashion pedigree, but also a very practical accessory that can hold a towel, flip flops, change of clothes and snacks

7. Baseball cap

In hot weather, you can’t forget about the right headgear. If you are looking for a solution that will be stylish and at the same time versatile, it is worth betting on a baseball cap. Wear them not only for jogging or gym workout, this season you can style them with oversized jackets or even more chic dresses.

8. Velcro sandals

Velcro sandals are definitely one of the most comfortable options during the summer. It turns out that these shoes can be worn in a very fashionable version, combining them with summer dresses or overalls. These shoes show off a perfectly done pedicure in a fantastic way.

9. The Thick Hairband

Hairbands are a must-have whether you have long or quite short hair. In the last few months, the stars have been wearing thick headbands in many different colors. The hairband with a knot on top of the head was a hit.

10. The Beach Kimono

Completing your beach look, it is worth tempting a stylish outer garment, which is good for when the sun goes behind the clouds or just when you finish swimming.

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