Royal jelly – discover the beauty secret of Asian women!
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Royal jelly – discover the beauty secret of Asian women!

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The secret to looking beautiful is a secret that women all over the world want to discover. Their famous, several-step care beats records of popularity among people who want to maintain a youthful and fresh look for a long time. It turns out that also the composition of cosmetics, which are used by women from the East, differs from products that we can find in other parts of the globe. A common ingredient in Asian creams, masks and face products is royal jelly. What is this mysterious ingredient and what properties does it have for the skin?

Royal jelly is a natural ingredient that is one of the products produced by bees. Why is it so great for skin care? It has properties that stimulate the skin to produce collagen, which is responsible for the youthful appearance and proper hydration of the complexion. It is also significant that royal jelly has regenerative properties. More and more cosmetics manufacturers use this unique ingredient

Royal jelly – what is it?

Royal jelly is a product obtained by bees. This natural secretion is the result of the activities performed by young worker bees. It is not a product that bees produce in large quantities, like honey. Bees produce a small amount of royal jelly, so it is not an ingredient that is used by large pharmaceutical companies. Rather, it goes into select, often luxury cosmetics and special dietary supplements contain it

What are the characteristics of royal jelly?

Royal jelly is usually white or yellowish-white. It is an edible product, but its taste is not always sweet, sometimes it can taste sour or bitter. This depends on what the worker bees have eaten in the process of making the royal jelly. Regardless of the taste, it is a product that has many valuable vitamins and minerals in it. An interesting fact is that the bees themselves treat the secretion as something very special. Only the queen bee and young bees in the first 3 days of life can feed on it. It is worth noting that the queen-mother bee lives in the apiary for several years, while the life of the worker bees lasts only a few weeks.

What properties does royal jelly have?

The composition of royal jelly has been thoroughly researched. The research shows that it is a substance containing large amounts of B, C, D and E vitamins. In addition, it is rich in silicon, iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus and protein and amino acids. It is undoubtedly a very healthy and strengthening product for the body. What is the effect of royal jelly on the skin of the face? The first country that started producing cosmetics with royal jelly was Korea. It was there that the first creams, cheeses and masks enriched with this precious ingredient were created. These have always been rather luxurious and natural cosmetics

Royal jelly – for what type of skin?

What skin type are cosmetics with royal jelly dedicated to? These are preparations designed for skin with problems – dry, irritated or acne-prone. It is also an excellent product for people aged 50+ as it perfectly works on mature, flabby and damaged skin. Regular use of cosmetics with royal jelly and proper skin care can bring excellent results. An unquestionable advantage of this type of cosmetics is the effect of slowing down the natural aging process of the skin. Even a face covered with a large number of wrinkles can be beautifully refreshed and regenerated. It is also a great remedy for inflammation, acne and disturbing skin changes appearing on the body

Royal jelly as a dietary supplement

Royal jelly does more than just keep your skin fresh and youthful. It is a product that can be taken in daily supplementation. Regular intake of royal jelly improves immunity, supports the digestive system and improves metabolism. It is especially recommended for couples trying to have a baby as it has a good effect on fertility. It can also serve as a product improving lactation for breastfeeding mothers

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