Spring must-have for work – what should you invest in?

Spring must-have for work – what should you invest in?

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Choosing the right hairstyle for work can be a challenge. On the one hand, we have to follow the dress code, while on the other hand we want to look trendy and up-to-date. However, there are elements of clothing, which allow us to reach a compromise and create a really good looking outfit.

It is very important to know the dress code of your company. The dress code may vary slightly from one company to another, so it is worth getting to know the specific nuances. However there are things, which are worth having in your closet, regardless of what company you currently work for.


A shirt, the basic element of every dress code, is an item of clothing which cannot be missing from your closet. Obligatorily in subdued colors, such as white, blue, beige or black. It should not have any clear prints or visible embellishments, such as pearls, zircons or embroidery. When choosing the perfect shirt for the office, also pay attention to whether the material is not too see-through.

Wear neutral colors

Clothes in neutral colors will allow you to compose many successful outfits without too much effort. Not only are clothes in muted colors considered elegant, but they also go well with each other. A jacket in a shade of vivid fuchsia may not look too elegant, and besides, you will not wear it with too many things. On the other hand, black skirts, white shirts and beige jackets are the basis of many successful office outfits.

Dress before the knee

A well-chosen dress for the office will solve many dilemmas when we do not know what to wear. This element of clothing will be especially appreciated in summer, when the heat is pouring from the sky, in many clothes we are too hot and we want to dress in something airy. The dress we want to wear to the office should be slightly below the knee and not have too much cleavage. Like all other items of clothing worn to the office, it must be in a subdued color, without unnecessary decorations.

Skirt before the knee

Just like a dress, a skirt for the office should also reach below the knee, because this length looks elegant and professional. Pairing it with a shirt will create a real classy look and is perfect for work. As with other elements of your office outfit, go for muted colors. Choose a cut that suits your figure, so as not to disturb its proportions.

Comfortable stilettos

Some of us love them, others hate – stilettos. The most comfortable models are those with heels not exceeding 5 centimeters. You can move freely in them and your feet don’t get tired as when wearing 10-centimeter heels. It’s worth paying a bit more for stilettos because more expensive models usually guarantee more comfort and are better for your feet.


Jewelry is the icing on the cake of any outfit. In case of an outfit for the office it should be discreet and delicate. A great choice are screw earrings, which will gently shine in our ears, but will not be too intrusive. Similar rule applies to bracelets, pendants and rings. In this case less is more. It is not recommended to wear office jewelry that is characteristic of different subcultures.

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