Red carpet makeup. 3 suggestions for you
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Red carpet makeup. 3 suggestions for you

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We associate celebrity makeup from the red carpet with a wealth of ideas, colors, and perfect finishes. Let’s take a look at what trends Emma Stone, Rina Sawayama and Angela Bassett have taken a liking to this year.

While some makeup trends have existed and appeared on red carpets around the world for years, some have undergone a metamorphosis of sorts, adapting to the spirit of the times. Others, like those of the early 2000s, are fading into oblivion – at least temporarily.

One look at the makeup of celebrities on the red carpet is enough to conclude that diversity and freedom reign supreme in the world of makeup now, with the usual rules and boundaries giving way to originality. So what are the makeup trends for this year?

Glamour with a twist

First on the list is Emma Stone’s look for the world premiere of her starring role in the film “Cruella”. The actress showed up at the El Captain Theater in Los Angeles for the first movie premiere since the outbreak of the pandemic in an outfit worthy of the comeback

Her makeup also drew attention – her makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, opted for a modern take on the glamour look. Her make-up artist, Rachel Goodwin, created a modern take on the glamour look using the classic red lipstick in a satin finish, black eyeliner and neutral beige eye shadow

An interesting element are tiny white pearls, which were glued in the corner of the eye and in the crease of the eyeliner, where it was pulled up, to emphasize the effect. The actress’s natural, thick eyebrows were left without any special styling – they were only combed and emphasized without drawing their shape with a pencil. This natural approach to the eyebrows is definitely one of the most fashionable make-up trends of the season.

The make-up is also characterised by a glow effect. The actress’s complexion is illuminated without any mattifying foundation or powder. Thanks to this, the complexion looks fresh and radiant.

Straight to the sky

A slightly different look was presented by Rina Sawayama at this year’s Brit Awards. In addition to the intriguing outfit of the artist, the attention was definitely drawn to her makeup. Why?

Just like Emma Stone, the singer’s make-up also relies on the glow effect for her complexion. In addition, there are not many colors or accessories that are so fashionable this season. What we do notice immediately are double eyeliner lines – one black, the other pearl, very subtle, both very sharply finished with a strong angle

Apart from that, her eyelids are adorned only with a glowing, light shadow in the corners of her eyes, used to illuminate the look. Without a doubt, it is the eyeliner that draws attention to itself, emphasizing her dark eyes and black hair

It was a good idea for the makeup artist, Ana Takahashi, to opt for a natural, unobtrusive shade of lipstick, and emphasize instead the perfectly combed and highlighted eyebrows.

A Feast of Colors

Angela Bassett also presented an interesting makeup look at this year’s Academy Awards. In keeping with the trends for the spring/summer season, makeup artist D’Andre Michael decided to let his imagination run wild and chose colored shadows for her eye makeup

The actress’s dress may have been red, but for her smoky eyes she chose shades of… navy blue and blue. A controversial choice? Perhaps, but the effect is spectacular

The vivid colors enhance the actress’s beauty while the bold coloured eyelids do not look dull despite the rather simple hairstyle. Her face was heavily contoured and her lips were given a more subdued color. Her eyebrows were delicately yet precisely accentuated. The make-up came as a surprise to the actress who says she has never used eye shadow in this color before. It’s never too late for the first time!

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