Mica Arganaraz – meet her recipe for beautiful curls
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Mica Arganaraz – meet her recipe for beautiful curls

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Mica Arganaraz is an Argentinian model who came to the fashion world to reign on the runways. She now appears in almost every major advertising campaign and on the catwalks of famous designers from all over the world.

The supermodel is known for her quirky hair style with luscious dark curls. Are her genes responsible for this special hair style? Or does the model know a special method to keep her hair looking attractive? So what makes her curls stand out with their unusual texture and powerful curl?

From what Mica herself claims, she doesn’t put anything on her hair – she doesn’t use any products

However, when she goes to bed, she leaves her hair slightly wet. As the model admits, she likes to wake up with a messy mane. She believes that if the hair is washed in the morning, the curls become too fluffy and clean. The star’s secret weapon is also salt water. You can find special preparations with seawater in the market to make the hair look naturally curly and wavy

Mica says that when she realized that her hair looked better when she was by the sea, she thought: “Why not use salt water?” As it turns out, this somewhat odd trick really can work wonders!

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