The Kardashians and Rihanna aren’t the only ones. See what other celebrities have their own beauty brands
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The Kardashians and Rihanna aren’t the only ones. See what other celebrities have their own beauty brands

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Is the beauty industry oversaturated with brands? Is it really? These celebrities have found their place in this world, and their signature products have a very strong presence. Meet their brands!

JLo Beauty

Jennifer Lopez is an American singer and actress who is admired not only for her talent but also for her beautiful feminine figure and her smooth and luminous skin. The star will celebrate her 52nd birthday this year, but her skin is still in perfect condition, which could be the envy of many 30-year-olds.

Lopez takes care of her beauty mainly through regular exfoliation, thorough makeup removal, high sun protection and deep moisturization.

Earlier this year, the star released her collection of luxury cosmetics under the JLo Beauty brand. This includes a facial cleanser (which she promoted on Instagram while live-streaming a powerful stage makeup wash), a moisturizer with SPF30, an eye cream, a serum, and a mask.

As the founder says, all the cosmetics can be used not only before big outings and special occasions, but also on a daily basis.

Kora Organics

Kora Organics is a brand founded by Australian model Miranda Kerr known for her numerous advertising campaigns and Victoria’s Secret exclusive lingerie shows. What still distinguishes her is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, including, among others, a focus on conscious body care.

The brand has been on the market since 2009. It can be seen in the makeup bag of many top bloggers and celebrities, who praise the products for their richness in nutrients. Fair trade cosmetics produced in Australia are certified natural, organic and vegan. There are no parabens or dyes. The secret ingredient is noni fruit extract, otherwise known as Indian mulberry. It is also referred to as the “aspirin of the future”, a cure-all.

Kora Organics includes mousses, oils, creams and mists, and even natural supplements, among other products.


This year, model Hailey Bieber, who has been the ambassador of L’Oréal Professionnel and bareMinerals, among others, joined the group of celebrities who have their own cosmetics brand.

She named the brand Rhode, which is no coincidence – it is simply her middle name. In its framework, she created products for skin care, but it is possible that in the future she will add other categories, such as makeup cosmetics. For the official launch of the brand, however, we have to wait a little longer.

Hailey has repeatedly stressed that her problematic skin meant that she had to learn how to take care of it, including relying on plant-based ingredients. Therefore, we can assume that her cosmetics will also be like that.

The Honest Company by Jessica Alba

Initially, Jessica Alba created a brand that produced non-toxic cosmetics for babies and mothers. She then decided to take it a step further and release Honest Beauty adult cosmetics based on the same principle, made in the USA.

Her series – both skincare and makeup – are vegan and hypoallergenic. The products have been dermatologically tested, and you won’t find any artificial fragrances, parabens, lanolin or silicones in their formulations.

Haus Laboratories

Finally, we left a brand created by Lady Gaga, who decided to go into business completely separate from the music industry in which she works every day. The singer created a line of makeup cosmetics – eye shadows, eyeliners, lip pencils and lipsticks maintained mainly in dark colors, but with the addition of nude shades.

The Haus Laboratories ad campaign also featured painted models, which shouldn’t surprise anyone though, as Lady Gaga likes to shock and go off the charts.

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