Why does scent influence our shopping choices?

Why does scent influence our shopping choices?

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Scents can evoke positive emotions and even improve mood, which in turn can lead to the fact that in a given place we are more likely to shop. Scent marketing has great power.

Scent in human life – is it important?

Our senses enable us to perceive external stimuli. Thanks to them we get to know the world around us, we feel pleasure or learn about danger. We owe all this to our senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and… smell.

Focusing on the latter, it is not difficult to see how important a role it plays in our lives. Scents can evoke old memories, even from early childhood – both positive and negative.

Smells can also influence our behaviour and mood – for example, if there is a very strong, suffocating smell, we can get a headache or feel overwhelmed. Pregnant women are particularly sensitive as their sense of smell becomes acute and every odour, no matter how weak, can irritate or make them feel nauseous. It is therefore easy to see that smell is closely linked to emotion.

If, on the other hand, the olfactory capacity decreases during illness, then the sense of taste is weakened as well. When the nose is blocked the food is not as delicious. The lack of smell changes our perception somewhat.

Scent marketing – what does it mean?

Every day a consumer is bombarded with various stimuli, advertisements and messages – all in order to spend as much money as possible in a given place. It is scent marketing that has been leading us by the nose for a few years now – and literally! Aromamarketing has a real and confirmed impact on our purchase decisions. What does it consist in? It is about aromatizing company premises.

Scents affect us intensively on a daily basis, which is why they are used in marketing strategy. What is important, not only stores from various industries are aromatized, but also restaurants, hotels, car showrooms and other commercial facilities.

This is a very good approach, because it turns out that appropriate fragrances in a given place have a positive impact on sales results

What kind of fragrances can be found in a store?

Smell has a huge impact on the perception of both the other person and places. Special fragrance compositions lure customers. They vary depending on the industry or company.

In supermarkets, at the bread department, you can smell bread straight from the oven. In a bakery, restaurant or cafe, we are surrounded by the scents of chocolate, vanilla, freshly brewed cappuccino, which most people associate well. Oriental and exotic scents, as well as aquatic scents, work best in hotels.

In a boutique with suits reigns the aromas of cigars, wood and luxury. While floral and fruity ones work well in clothing stores. Additionally, fruity ones – being crisp and energetic – are perfect for offices and conference rooms.

Coming back to stores, it turns out that many of them have a fragrance composition specially created for their needs. Thanks to this, a particular scent is associated with a particular brand to the customer, they remember it and evaluate it through the smell. Most often, fragrances are sprayed by air conditioning, but it is also often done manually, from a bottle or from atomizers placed in the contact. Some fragrances present in the store are sold to customers.

A fragrance closed in a package

We cannot forget about the fact that nowadays many people decide to shop online. Therefore, it is worthwhile for the brand to remain consistent in its marketing strategy and solicit customers.

It is, of course, about perfuming shipments. The customer, opening such a parcel, smells a beautiful fragrance, gets a positive mood and there is a greater chance that he will shop here again. Such action can bring measurable benefits.

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