Black manicure – hit or miss?
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Black manicure – hit or miss?

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Black manicure is a rather unobvious choice – it has it has as many supporters as opponents. Are nails in black color is a hit, or rather a putty?

It is strong and intense, and for some even overwhelming. Once black nails were reserved only for rebellious teenagers, motorcyclists and young people associated with the metal subculture. And today? More and more women choose black nails!

Match your black manicure to the occasion

While black is a shade that fits most occasions, not necessarily on nails. It is perfect for evening outings such as parties, meetings or important balls. Brave women can also wear black manicure every day without any problem, but it is worth remembering that it may not be the best choice for school or work. It is different, if black nails are only a base, on which we can create beautiful designs, for example in gold or silver. Black will beautifully enhance the effect of any applied polishes, and also perfectly composes with such colors as red, cobalt, green or shades of nude.

How to wear a black manicure every day?

If for some reason you can’t wear black on your nails or you lack the courage to do so, there are a few clever ways to incorporate black elements into your nail art. For example, you can combine it with a light color and paint a black shade only on every second nail. Another option is to create black geometric patterns like dots, triangles or lines on your nails. They will look beautiful while not being as eye-catching as a full black manicure. You can also do a French manicure in black instead of white, or create an ombre effect that will look great with almost any color.

How to do a black manicure?

You can do black manicure using different techniques and different nail polishes. Matte black nails are a huge hit lately, for which you’ll need a special matte polish. Regardless of whether you decide on matte or glossy effect, remember to apply a base coat and top coat, which will finish the manicure. Thanks to the base coat you won’t have any problems with removing the rest of the black polish from your nails, you’ll prolong the durability of your manicure and protect the nail plate. Apply it very carefully – unfortunately in this case any possible shortcomings and imperfections will be very visible. You can also opt for black hybrid nails, which will ensure a long-lasting effect, or gel nails, which will extend your natural nails. Another, less known solution is acrylic nails.

What styles go well with black nails?

The answer to this question is simple: it all depends on your creativity! Black nail polish goes well with elegant nails as well as with less formal, casual styles. A good solution is to match black manicure with a light evening dress. Alternatively, you can try glam rock styling, with which black nails also form a very harmonious duo. Such a manicure looks great with a white T-shirt, black jeans and a black jacket.

What else should you know about black manicure?

Contrary to the opinion of many people black manicure does not have to be sad and gloomy. In fact, how it will look like, depends mainly on the styling and accessories you decide on. Black nails are becoming more and more fashionable, and the fact that they can be almost freely combined with different styles and colors, makes them even more popular. Black manicure is very feminine and stylish, and its big advantage is that you don’t have to have long nails for it to look good.

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