Makeup for autumn weather – how to fix it effectively?
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Makeup for autumn weather – how to fix it effectively?

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The days are getting shorter and shorter, and outside there is wind, brief rainfalls and definitely more clouds than sunshine. Cheerfulness can be added to autumn makeup. How to fix it effectively?

Autumn has settled in for good, and it is known that this is one of the most capricious seasons of the year. Unexpected and, what is worse, rapid change of weather adversely affects our hair and skin condition. When it is gray, windy and rainy outside, it is definitely better to opt for light and airy hairstyles. Just as with hair, less is more when it comes to make-up

The right skin preparation

Makeup base – this is where you should start before you put on any other cosmetics. The base will make your complexion smoother, which will increase the adhesion of your foundation. It is important that we reach for cosmetics without silicones in their composition because they may clog pores and lead to the formation of blackheads and other surprises. Products prepared on the basis of natural ingredients will be the proverbial bull’s eye

Aloe gel has a regenerating and nourishing effect. It can be used both for hair care, face care and the whole body. It helps in the fight against discolorations, and applying a thin layer of it on the face before applying foundation will make our makeup resistant to moisture and much more durable. Matte make-up effect is definitely more desirable in autumn than in summer or spring. If we want to achieve such an effect it is worth putting on a transparent powder. How to do it so that the effect lasts for long hours? Use a brush to dust the powder on your skin, wait a moment and then apply foundation. This is another cool trick that will help smooth your complexion.

The way of applying cosmetics is also important

The way we apply cosmetics is very important for prolonging the life of our makeup. Unfortunately rubbing the cosmetics into the skin in circular movements makes the foundation and powder stick to the face worse. So how do you apply your makeup? The best way is the so called “stamping”. How does this method work? You press the product into the skin while pressing the brush against the surface of the skin. Then we rub the cosmetic with circular movements so that the fluid blends well with our skin. This way, unevenness of the skin, such as enlarged pores or wrinkles, are better filled in and smoothed out

Many women, especially in autumn make-up, like to emphasize their cheekbones. That’s when bronzer comes in handy – its creamy formula perfectly defines the area to be highlighted and, when combined with highlighter and blush, creates an unbeatable trio. Great for this will just mentioned cream products, because loose cosmetics not only leave not very aesthetic traces of a possible smudged makeup, and as a result the desired effect will last shorter

What do you use to fix your makeup?

Fixer, or what is known as a makeup fixer, has been considered a cosmetic hit for years. Not only does it help to fix your makeup, but it also prevents your makeup from smudging and smearing. In most cases the fixer has the consistency of a light and pleasant mist, which is applied on the face after the whole make-up is done. In case of emergency, when we need to fix the make-up and we do not have a fixer or any other specialized product, we can spray hairspray on the face, but it is not beneficial for the skin. This is not good for your complexion, so you should only use it in exceptional situations

Is it raining and windy outside? Choose water-resistant cosmetics

Water-resistant cosmetics are perfect for the autumn rainy season. This is especially true when it comes to eye make-up. We recommend smudge-proof mascara, long-lasting pencils and eye shadows. Unfortunately, improperly chosen cosmetics can play tricks on us and turn a beautiful makeup into a small setback, or even a real makeup disaster. Even though it’s raining outside, let’s make sure our face is as radiant as in spring

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