What do leggings look best with?
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What do leggings look best with?

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Pull out every pair of leggings from the depths of your closet, it’s time to combine chic and comfort! The most famous models and celebrities from all over the world choose this practical approach to their everyday outfits. Here are some suggestions for a glamorous look, which is suitable not only for marathon TV series, but also for going out with friends

For everyone

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort, even if your size label suggests otherwise. XXL leggings look just as stylish, as the much-loved plus size top model Ashley Graham proves. She does not care about other people’s opinions and delights in her outfits, very often reaching for leggings. The most common combinations are bold neon colors (especially trendy this season) and classic black, which emphasize the figure. Ashley Graham proves that you can enjoy fashion experiments regardless of your size, and leggings are a great choice for everyday and evening when you additionally opt for a jacket and a wide belt.


Gigi Hadid is undoubtedly a style icon. The Instagram star knows how to look trendy even in leggings. When she reaches for comfortable pants, she combines a solid black color with a sporty crop top. As long as the weather outside is sometimes capricious, belly-revealing hoodies are a great choice. Gigi Hadid’s outfits show that it is possible to look fashionable and comfortable at the same time. If you feel that this is the day for a complete chill, do not hesitate – give up make-up, choose your most comfortable clothes and go out on the town

For cooler days

Leggings are not only the right choice for high temperatures. Kim Kardashian is well aware of how well they look with short down jackets. It is true that the jackets play the leading role in this look but leggings complement them perfectly and act as a background for the most important element of the outfit. Instead of longing for the sun, try this trend and you will be surprised how interesting such a seemingly simple combination can look


Take inspiration from Selena Gomez’s unquestionable sense of style and match your leggings with her favorite denim jacket. This is a great solution for spring and cool summer evenings, which will give your look a predatory touch. If you want to draw attention to yourself, remember about accessories. Choose pilot sunglasses, a small handbag in a bold color or high-heeled shoes, and even in plain leggings you will attract attention of passers-by

Size up

Follow Ariana Grande’s example and pair tight leggings with an oversize sweatshirt. Bigger clothes do not have to mean that you hide your imperfections underneath. Oversize sweatshirts or t-shirts, which are both stylish and comfortable, are becoming more and more fashionable. Thanks to the influence of celebrities who are not afraid of such combinations, you can go out to the store in a comfortable sweatshirt leggings, and met by chance by a friend you will not feel like a code disaster. If Ariana Grande can dress like this – you can too


Long gone is the time when leggings were an undeniable sign of kitsch. Tight tights , as our mothers or grandmothers called them, made it to the front pages of newspapers, to the closets of celebrities and to your feed on Instagram. Today, trying to create a stylish outfit, you do not hesitate to consider leggings. In fact, designers outdo each other in ideas on how to present this particular part of clothing in an original way. Today you can easily buy leather leggings, in all colors of the rainbow, patterned or even decorated with sequins. Do not be afraid to wear what is both comfortable and fashionable.

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