The envelope dress – a timeless cut that never goes out of style. How to style it?
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The envelope dress – a timeless cut that never goes out of style. How to style it?

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An envelope dress is an excellent choice both for casual styling and for a formal dinner or banquet. Its universal cut makes the female figure look proportionate and stylish. Each of us should have at least one copy of the envelope dress in her closet, which will be an outfit for many occasions. It does not matter whether we bet on a timeless little black dress, or choose a cut of intense color. This is an outfit in which you always look sensational

Many people suspect that the envelope dress will never go out of fashion. This is a cut that looks great both in monochromatic colors, as well as covered with patterns or original print. It looks great both with elegant stilettos, as well as with boots or sporty sneakers. Check how to choose the perfect dress to match the figure and style

What are the characteristics of the envelope dress?

What type of dresses can we call envelope dresses? These are dresses fastened in a characteristic way, the cut may resemble a Japanese kimono. The front layers of fabric overlap, forming a triangular cut-out at the neckline. The overlap created in this way may be associated with the construction of an envelope, hence the name for this type of outfit. Often you can find in stores models that have a tie at the waist with a fabric belt. The bottom of the dress can be fitted or flared. Dresses also come in mini, mindi and maxi lengths

Envelope dress – to which body type does it fit?

Envelope dresses are so versatile type of clothing, that will feel good in it, both very slim people, as well as women with fuller shapes. Such a dress perfectly accentuates the assets of the figure, emphasizing the waist, exposing shapely legs or cleavage. This is a model of dress, in which the best feel confident women, aware of their attractiveness, who put on a feminine dress. However, it is worth to match the cut to the individual style and taste. In the offer of stores you can easily find envelope dresses of different lengths, with long sleeves or thin straps

How to choose an envelope dress?

Buying an envelope dress is an excellent investment, because this type of dress has not gone out of style for years. This is a classic, elegant dress, which will be perfect both as an outfit for work and for a date or formal event. It is worth choosing a model tailored to our preferences. Looking for the perfect dress, you should decide what part of the body you want to emphasize, and which gently hide. Women who want to expose their breasts should choose dresses with deep necklines. An interesting way to optically enlarge the bust is to choose a dress with elegant lace at chest level. Envelope dress is a model in which the thinner women feel good. If you want to hide the tummy, it is worth betting on a slightly looser dress, which does not wrap around the body. This type of dress fits both mature women and young girls

Envelope dress for work

People who work in an office are often looking for a comfortable and elegant outfit for work. An envelope dress will be a great outfit that adds a chic touch without taking away from the professional look. It is a great alternative to a pencil skirt and a white shirt with a collar. For work it is worth choosing envelope dress tied at the waist, which emphasizes the waist and makes you look very feminine. What color should my dress for work be? It all depends on what dress code is mandatory at your place of employment. Usually, the dress code for the office should be black, gray or navy blue. It is also the perfect outfit for a business meeting or job interview.

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