Phew, it’s hot! Styling tricks for hot days
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Phew, it’s hot! Styling tricks for hot days

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A heat wave is coming to Poland! Although each of us longs for summer, when the temperature on thermometers exceeds 30 degrees Celsius it is difficult to look flawless and fashionable… Unless you know these few tips.

On hot days it would be best not to leave the house. Our productivity slows down and we would love to spend those moments by the pool or on the beach wearing nothing but a bathing suit. Unfortunately, we don’t always have such an opportunity. Sometimes even on a hot day our work or a given situation requires us to look well-groomed. How should we dress when it’s hot outside?

Choose white instead of black

The first golden rule is to dress in bright colors. Black attracts the sun a lot, which is not good for us on a hot day. In summer, our skin is usually more bronzed and sun-brushed, so all bright colors – especially white – will stand out and look attractive. You can also opt for beige, nude or pastel clothes. These colors have been very trendy in recent seasons and choosing them in the summer is a great decision.

Wear natural materials

On hot days we should choose fabrics that will let the air through and not literally cook us from the inside. Natural materials have hygroscopic properties and also give a feeling of coolness. First of all, you should pay attention to linen and cotton. These fabrics are airy and very comfortable. Linen is a more demanding material than cotton. It creases faster and more easily, but linen dresses in summer have never gone out of fashion. Natural silk will also work well, but it is quite expensive. Avoid warm materials, such as wool, and artificial ones – like polyester, which will not let air through at all. If you choose a natural fabric, your skin will be able to breathe freely and cool down naturally. It’s not just a matter of aesthetic appeal (you sweat less), but also personal hygiene

Uncover some flesh

When the sun doesn’t stop shining and the temperature rises and rises, opt for short shorts and a strapless blouse or a mini dress. Show off your legs and arms. Most of the year we are forced to walk around in multiple layers of clothes, and there are only a few months to show off your body. If you’re not bound by the dress code then don’t be afraid to reveal a little more. The more your body is exposed, the less the heat will affect you. When the heat is pouring down, go ahead and show off your assets. For example, a crop top with a high-waisted skirt is a great choice. Short tops are very trendy lately and there is no indication that this will change soon

Wear a hat

A hat is primarily to protect your head from the sun on hot days, but every woman knows that it’s also an idea to turn up the fashionable style. It’s an accessory that’s best worn during the summer months accompanied by flowy clothes and sunglasses. The trend for wearing hats continues and you can see it clearly on the social profiles of celebrities. When the temperature outside the window is very high, then protect your head and complete your styling with this fashionable accessory. If you are at the seaside, then be sure to wear a voluminous straw hat with a large brim

Wear open-toed shoes

Sandals, flip-flops, pumps, pumps – in summer we uncover our feet and let them breathe! On a hot day our whole body is exposed to excessive sweat production, including our feet. Opt for ankle-high boots, one of the season’s most coveted styles, or classic sandals with flat heels. Open-toe pumps on a low stiletto heel are another trend to incorporate into your closet.

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