5 models of handbags that never go out of fashion
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5 models of handbags that never go out of fashion

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A handbag is definitely one of the most popular accessories. Handbags are valued mainly because of their functionality and they are a great finish to every styling. Each season different models of handbags are fashionable, however, there are a few classics that each of us should have in her collection.

List of 5 classic and timeless models of handbags


This model delighted many women long time ago. Despite the passage of years this bag is still fashionable. Nowadays, letter carrier bags are more reminiscent of conductor bags from the 50s than a letter carrier’s bag

This bag is very practical and perfect for school or work. Depending on the size, it can perform different functions, but one thing is certain, it is a real must-have in the world of handbags. Many models of this type are characterized by unisex style, so they work well both for women and men

The postcases gained their popularity thanks to hipsters who usually choose this model. For a postbag made of leather you have to pay about 400 zł, while for one made of artificial materials about 100 zł

2. Shopperka

One of the most popular handbag models is the shopper bag. It is a very functional bag, which is perfect for many occasions. As the name suggests, it was created with shopping in mind, therefore it is an extremely capacious model. Depending on the model, shopper bags vary in size and style, but definitely this model can be a stereotypical example of a woman’s handbag, in which literally everything can fit

It will be perfect not only for shopping, but also for school or a trip. You can easily fit large notebooks or briefcases in it. It is one of the main items on this list and definitely indispensable in every woman’s closet. For example, the shopper bag from Tommy Hilfiger costs around 350 PLN, however there are also many cheaper models of this bag available e.g. in chains such as H&M, where their cost does not exceed 150 PLN.

3. Elegant trunk

This model of bag is perfect for every outing. It can be easily matched with both evening dresses and casual outfits. Depending on the brand, the size of this bag can vary significantly.

On the market there are available both small, very elegant models and bigger, more practical ones. These very elegant models are perfect for important outings or as everyday bags, while the larger ones are definitely better for people who like to have a lot of things with them. Additionally, larger sizes will also be suitable for school, because they can easily fit an A4 format. Models of this bag from e.g. Calvin Klein cost about PLN 300 and larger models from Tommy Hilfiger cost about PLN 600.

4. Quilted handbag

The most characteristic pattern for the cult Chanel handbags is quilted one. Such handbags still appear on many fashion shows and they are still very popular. Their simplicity delights so many people that despite passing years this model does not get old. These handbags are extremely elegant and look great with evening outfits. More and more stars combine this pattern with short dress and sport shoes. Such combinations make this model very universal. The most expensive handbags of this kind from Chanel cost from a few to even several thousand zlotys. One of the cult, but more expensive models from Chanel is model 2.55, which costs about PLN 20 thousand. Of course, there are also cheaper bags of this kind, for example, from Love Moschino for about 500 zł.

5. Clutch bag

A must-have bag in every woman’s closet is the clutch bag. Despite the fact that it is usually not very functional, it looks great with elegant evening outfits. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fit a lot of things into such a handbag, however the most important things during such an outing, i.e. lipstick, powder or tissues, are easily fit. Clutch bags can be bought in different price range e.g. the cost of such bag from Valentino is about 300 zlotys and from chain store about 100 zlotys.

Handbags are still one of the main attributes of women, but more and more men decide to buy such accessories. This is mainly due to the numerous advantages of having it. One of them is obviously the possibility of storing necessary things in their interiors, for example wallet, keys or telephone. Handbags are additionally much more comfortable than briefcases. In a word, they are simply irreplaceable.

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