Preppy style is back in favor! Check out how to wear it this season!
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Preppy style is back in favor! Check out how to wear it this season!

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For some time now, it is possible to talk about the spectacular return of the almost completely forgotten preppy style until recently. What kind of styling to prepare for the upcoming academic year? Here are our suggestions!

Preppy style – what is it?

Preppy style is intended to refer to prestigious high schools – hence its name. So-called preparatory schools are establishments designed to prepare students to enter universities affiliated with the Ivy League, also known as The Ancient Eight. Nevertheless, more or less since the 1970s, preppy style has drawn primarily from academic style. Checked blazers, pleated skirts or, eventually, cardigans with emblems on the chest then became the hallmark not only of Harvard students, but also of their peers coming from slightly lower social strata, who nevertheless attached equal importance to everyday dress. In the 2022/2023 academic year, the foundation of preppy style is also to be laid by elite sports and extracurricular activities such as tennis, rugby, sailing and cricket. What clothes should still enrich their closets for lovers of the style that is experiencing a veritable renaissance? Here’s a look at the hottest apparel for the upcoming season!

Tory Sport dress

Tennis is one of the key sports to which preppy style refers, and it is the tennis jersey dress that opens our list. It’s a great choice even for girls who aren’t the first to be selected for lineups in P.E. classes. If you wear Hamburg Adidas sneakers in a green-yellow color scheme with the dress, and enrich the whole thing with alabaster-white knee-high socks, you can safely say about the very fashionable wimblecore style this season!

Polo shirt by Mango

There is probably no item of clothing that brings out the essence of preppy style better than the classic polo shirt from Mango does. The long-lasting green hue and golden threads threaded through the fabric make it hard to take your eyes off it. The whole thing is complemented by a common, but in this case at the same time unique check pattern, which gives the shirt an amazing shine. 

Acne Studios Loafers

Acne Studios loafers are a must-have footwear for every Ivy League member. At first glance, they show extremely precise Italian workmanship, while the grain leather upper and sturdy sole give them an elite look. The owner of such shoes will certainly give the impression of a person with good roots and a bright future. This footwear will also be perfect for lower-class people – after all, for more than half a century now, the preppy style has been for everyone, regardless of their background!

Skirt from Valentino 

The skirt from Valentino is a great alternative to the bestselling miniskirt from Miu Miu’s summer collection. Admittedly, it’s a slightly less sought-after and prestigious option for the moment, but in our opinion it doesn’t stand out at all! The hallmark of the Valentino skirt is the instantly striking “Vlogo” chain, while an even more unique look is given by beautiful wide pleats. It is also impossible to pass by the color indifferently – the universal shade of ivory makes it one of the must-have items before the coming season!

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