How to choose stockings for styling? Find out what types are available
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How to choose stockings for styling? Find out what types are available

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Autumn has arrived. Although the weather outside is getting unpleasant, it does not mean we have to give up skirts or dresses. For autumn styling we will need stockings, which are a great alternative to the popular tights

What is the difference between stockings and tights? Many women use these terms interchangeably, which is a significant mistake. The difference between stockings and tights is that they reach to mid-thigh, which means they are not the whole uniform covering hips and bottom. Stockings are also often combined with the wearing of garters

An interesting fact is that for years stockings were the domain of men. One might even be tempted to say that they were the core of a man’s outfit. The women’s version of stockings appeared on the general market only in the 1960s. Today many women choose stockings because they are elastic and tight, which additionally emphasizes the advantages of a woman’s figure. The stocking is held in place by garters, which come in the form of a special belt worn on the hips with elastic support bands

Retro sexual appeal in a killer way

Stockings with tempting straps are definitely the kind of lingerie we reach for on special occasions, like a date or a chic ball. With retro lingerie, which certainly includes stockings, we can feel like stars straight from the Golden Era of Hollywood. In such stockings a woman feels sexy and special

What stockings to choose? Let’s get to know their types

On the market we have available a whole range of designs and colors of stockings. Products may differ from each other in thickness and type of fiber. Depending on the occasion for which we want to wear stockings, we can reach for those opaque or transparent, as well as matte or glossy. Again fashionable are also nylon stockings (it is worth noting that nylon is the first ever produced synthetic fabric), that is sewn from a material pleasant to the touch. In addition, it is quite durable, does not crease and dries quickly.

We certainly have a lot to choose from, it all depends on our individual needs. Let’s get to know the most popular types of stockings:

  • Stockings with a belt – unfortunately, this type of stockings is considered by many ladies to be the least comfortable. The reason? They are attached all the way to the waist, which is moderately comfortable. On the other hand, they appeal to men the most and add sex appeal to a woman. Stockings of this type are also considered to be women’s erotic lingerie.
  • Compression stockings – these stockings are often called varicose vein stockings. They are chosen by women who are at risk of developing venous insufficiency of the lower limbs or are undergoing its treatment. Properly selected compression stockings improve the condition of veins and bring relief from this troublesome ailment. This type of stocking will also pass the test in case of leg fatigue. Varicose vein stockings have several levels of compression and which model you should wear depends on the type of lesion you have on your legs, or on your doctor’s specific recommendations.
  • Self-supporting stockings – these stockings are held in place with garters, or they may have an elastic cuff (a type of band) tied with an elastic band. Self-supporting stockings are most popular among women, especially young women, because they are the most comfortable – especially on summer days when dress code requires wearing tights in the workplace.

What type of stockings to choose?

Choosing stockings is an individual matter for each lady. You should take into account the qualities of your figure or possible health problems. It should be remembered, however, that stockings will not be the right choice for every styling. A short mini and stockings sticking out from under it may look repulsive and vulgar. Sexy stockings with a belt are also not suitable for a formal meeting. The choice is a matter of good taste, here you can not go overboard.

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