How to style wide leg pants in fall and winter?
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How to style wide leg pants in fall and winter?

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Once considered a synonym of disgust, today they are the latest fashion trend. Wide-legged pants have returned to fashion reality and everything indicates that they will not leave it soon. Although they reigned in spring and summer, we can successfully style them also in autumn and winter. Check out what you need to remember in order to make them look good.

Although initially we approached them with quite a big reserve, pants with wide legs are extremely feminine and allow us to hide many silhouette flaws and emphasize its assets

Models of wide pants

After entering the store, we are flooded with a huge number of cuts of pants with wide legs. The most popular model are bell-bottomed, i.e. pants extending strongly towards the bottom. Their milder version is boot cut jeans, which have a much narrower leg. From a distance, wide cullotes may resemble an airy skirt, as do palazzos, although the latter are more fitted at the waist. Seams, on the other hand, are made of much thicker material. All models usually have a high waist, thanks to which they optically lengthen the legs.

Wide-legged pants + turtleneck

In autumn and winter, a very successful and warm style can be obtained by combining wide-leg pants with a turtleneck. Fitted top adds lightness to the silhouette, while wide pants optically lengthen it. Bet on a turtleneck with a blend of real wool, which will keep you warm on cold days, but will not make you sweat. Such a set can be successfully worn both everyday and for work.

Wide-legged pants + bodysuit

Wide leg pants with a high waist look great with a fitted top, such as a bodysuit. This outfit is perfect for people who want to cover up their massive legs and emphasize their shoulder line. In order not to distort the proportions of your figure, remember to wear plain top with patterned pants, and a colorful bodysuit will look good with a plain bottom.

Wide-leg pants + shirt

This type of outfit will be a trendy combination that will be great for the office. It is a very stylish combination that will add you class. For a plain white shirt with a collar, choose pants made of elegant fabric in a muted color. You can tuck the shirt into the pants or tie it in a sassy knot. You may also decide to wear large, richly decorated earrings to add character to the whole outfit.

Wide leg pants + sweater

If you want to wear pants with a wide leg, but you’re cold and the previous suggestions made you shiver, we have something for you. Wide-legged pants, especially bell-bottoms and jeans, look great with thick, warm, woolen sweaters. It can be either a chunky turtleneck or an unbuttoned sweater, under which you can wear a plain top.

Wide leg pants + blouse

Now something for fans of sporty style. If you like comfort and streetwear is not alien to you, you can combine jeans with a hooded sweatshirt. It may not be an outfit you can wear to the office, but you can express yourself with this combination and add some spice to your style. You can complete such styling with comfortable sneakers on a high sole.

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