Bracelet – the accessory that will spice up your look!
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Bracelet – the accessory that will spice up your look!

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Even the best hairstyle needs the right finishing touch. Sometimes earrings are the icing on the cake, other time it is a crazy belt. However, nothing adds charm and character like a perfectly matched bracelet

According to the research conducted it turns out that bracelets are the most popular jewelry bought online by Polish women. The most popular ones are those in the color of gold. Choosing the right jewelry is very important and a bracelet, although inconspicuous, adds character to most styling.

The best and most stylish bracelets to buy

Chic and elegance is something that should characterize every self-aware woman. Well chosen jewelry not only looks chic but also says a lot about its owner. Below we present proposals that are worth having in your jewelry box for every day and for great outings.


This is a beautiful gold-plated bracelet that would work with an office dress as well as a white tee and jeans. It features Agate, which has an amazing effect. It relieves tension, promotes emotional stability and finding harmony. Topaz is the power and strength coming straight from the primordial nature. The eyelet can be treated as an ornament or amulet. The gemstones on this bracelet will make you feel like a queen of life. At the same time it is very minimalistic jewelry that will work with any styling. It is a symbol of good taste and elegance at the same time.

Rosa Chains, Erica Brancelet

Beautiful and delicate bracelet by Polish brand. Created by a family business, this bracelet is the definition of good taste. At the same time, the texture of Erica Brancelet makes it a unique product, bringing to mind the most expensive designs from around the world. The light reflects in the bracelet like sun rays on the surface of a lake, this again gives a breath of luxury. Certainly a real must have for every woman who appreciates good taste and quality

Isztar, Anka Krystyniak

Anka Krystyniak’s project is passion and power that lies dormant in every strong woman. Isztar is jewelry for real warriors, who are dynamic and can cope with adversities. Extremely strong jewelry ideal for everyday wear. It will surely make an impression on many people and will be a perfect complement to every styling, also the brave ones. A unique combination of contemporary trends, minimalism and ethnic strength.

Mica Simi, Manipura

Definitely something for fans of boho and ethno style. Beautiful bracelet made of beads which will complete everyday as well as elegant stylizations. Slightly feisty, yet light and feminine. It brings to mind the wind, freedom and primal force. It perfectly fits the current trends referring to the bohemian hippie style.

How to choose bracelets?

Choosing jewelry is not easy. We often have many sets of bracelets, rings, earrings or necklaces that we simply do not wear. The reason is buying these things at the spur of the moment, without thinking. Meanwhile, when buying jewelry, including bracelets, we should keep in mind several factors. First of all it is important for jewelry to be timeless and universal. This will allow us to freely combine bracelets not only with different stylizations but also with other accessories in a free and unrestricted way.

Additionally when buying a bracelet for yourself or for someone close to you, you should take into consideration the clothes and colors that person wears so that the jewelry matches the style. The character of the owner also matters a lot, people with a strong character look great in strong and expressive designs, while delicate and elegant women should bet on minimalistic and subtle bracelets. Let’s also pay attention to how our current jewelry looks like. If we usually wear gold, let’s also invest in a gold bracelet. Although trends are getting bolder about combining gold with silver, such a duo often looks very cheap. It is also worth investing in bracelets made of good quality materials and bullion, so they will always look beautiful and luxurious.

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