How do I match frames and lenses to my face shape?
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How do I match frames and lenses to my face shape?

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The right glasses will complement your beauty and keep you comfortable all day long. Find out how to fit frames to the shape of your face.

Some tips to help you choose your eyeglasses

Before you learn how to fit frames to the shape of your face, here are a few tips to help you choose the right eyeglasses. First of all, pay attention to the size of the glasses. Remember that the glasses cannot be too large, that is, protrude significantly beyond the contour of the face. Also, the accessory should not be too small, because it will cause discomfort, and the temples will wear out faster.

Choose from glasses that do not rest on the cheeks. Such frames will ruin your makeup and cause discomfort. When trying on frames, also pay attention to the eyebrow line. It should be above the glasses or on a level with them, but never below.

If you don’t know your face shape yet, tie your hair in a way that exposes your forehead as well. Stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room – the light should not fall only from one side or only from above. Look at your chin: is it pointed or rounded? Compare the proportions of your upper and lower face. Below we look at the different types of face shapes and tell you which frames should fit them.

Oval face

This face is proportional, so it is easy to choose frames to match it. Oval glasses, square, so-called pilot, but also cat models will work. The only thing you need to watch out for is the size of the accessory. If you have a small face, avoid large frames, and vice versa – small glasses will not suit a large face.

Round face

It is distinguished by a rounded chin and full cheeks and a low forehead. The round face has no visible angles, so it is advisable to opt for rectangular glasses or glasses tapering from top to bottom. Thanks to such frames optically slimmer face. Avoid round and oval glasses.

Square face

This face is characterized by a well-defined line of cheeks, chin and temples, and its height is close to the width. A square face with expressive features also has a wide and low forehead. Match it with so-called pilot glasses, which are gently rounded at the bottom to soften the sharp features.


Rectangular faces are long and yet well-defined. Frames that have a soft line will suit a rectangular face. So avoid square models, which will emphasize sharp features, and opt for oval, round or so-called aviators.

Triangular face

It has a noticeably slimmer lower part, the fake is pointed, and the forehead is wide and high. If you have a triangular face, choose from glasses that will not optically widen the cheek area additionally. Models with very thin frames or without them will be perfect. Oval and round glasses will suit triangular faces.

Heart-Shaped Face

This face is wide at eyebrow height and the chin stands out with its pointed shape. When choosing glasses, look for models with transparent frames. This way you will not draw extra attention to the widest part of the heart-shaped face.

Frame Color

The color of the frame is as important as the shape. If you want a timeless solution, opt for black. Dark frames will suit both work and special occasions, and will complement any outfit. Brown and navy blue models will also be universal.

In the case of sunglasses you can afford an unusual shade of frames, for example with leopard print. Gold models will also be perfect to add variety to your holiday styling. Pay attention not only to the color of the frame, but also the lenses. Even the simplest outfit can be varied with mirrored lenses, which not only provide great protection against the sun’s rays, but also look great.

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