Celebrity beauty tricks. Discover the beauty secrets of Hollywood stars
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Celebrity beauty tricks. Discover the beauty secrets of Hollywood stars

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Famous actresses, models and singers inspire us when it comes to fashion and beauty. We admire their beautiful skin, well-groomed hair, and even tan. Luckily, celebrities are willing to share their beauty tricks, which can help you to slightly improve your appearance. Check out what beauty tricks are most popular in Hollywood!

Hollywood is a place where you can meet not only top-notch actors but also top-notch hair and make-up artists. It is thanks to their knowledge and experience that stars look fabulous on the red carpet. It is clear that a holistic approach to skin care is becoming more and more popular. In addition to cosmetics, diet, proper sleep, and physical activity are very important. Learn some more beauty tips that you can easily start applying at your home

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6 beauty tricks inspired by celebrity beauty habits

1. Washing your hair every day

Some people believe that washing your hair every day is a must with the current state of environmental pollution. This view is echoed by Liv Tyler, who claims that her hair looks much better since she washes off dust and other impurities every day

2. Hand Make-up

Drew Barrymore does not limit her makeup to just taking care of her face. For important outings and dates she carefully applies on her palms a fluid, which matches the color of her skin. This patented formula makes the hands look slimmer and well-groomed, which is said to be the area men pay special attention to

3. Cosmetics from La Mer

As you know, a good moisturizer is the basis of care. Looking for the favorite cosmetic brand of celebrities, you can easily point out products from La Mer. They are not the cheapest, but the effects of their use are really sensational. Fans of La Mer include Kate Moss, Blake Lively and Jessica Simpson

4. Hydrate your body

As we mentioned above, the key to beauty is not only expensive cosmetics, but also a proper lifestyle. Paris Hilton gives us a great example in this regard. The heiress to a fortune drinks at least two liters of water every day and this significantly improves the appearance of her skin, hair and nails

5. Streaks for Brunettes

Anne Hathaway has found a phenomenal way to give her beauty a more radiant look. The secret is two streaks of caramel-coloured hair right next to her face. This is a simple yet effective way to rejuvenate her face without sacrificing the deep color of her hair

6. Soft Lips

Jessica Alba ‘s secret to beautifully soft-looking lips is to apply a little eye cream to them. This is a great remedy especially for dry and cracked lips. It is worth applying such a balm at least once a week to give your lips the softness you desire

Main Photo: Becerra Govea Photo/pexels.com

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