Shoes for the bride – how to match them with the wedding dress?
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Shoes for the bride – how to match them with the wedding dress?

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A wedding is a very important event for a woman, so most want to look their best. In addition to the wedding dress, choosing the right shoes is also important. You need to match them well so that they form a perfect whole together

Browse and try on different models

The best way to match your shoes with your wedding dress is to try on a large number of them. Then you can see how they work together. You can also take a loved one with you on your shopping trip to offer advice and suggestions. We know that going to the store in a long dress can be problematic, so with help comes the Internet. In many online stores you can order shoes just for a fitting and then send them back without any problem. This is a very convenient option that will allow you to try on the shoes and see the final result. If you decide on this solution, we recommend ordering two sizes of a particular model at once. Then you can check which one will be the right one for you

Remember about comfort

Shoes for the wedding must be, above all, comfortable. This is a very important issue that should come to the forefront. Issues related to their appearance should be on the latter. However, there is a matter that connects these two issues. It is the right material. It affects both comfort and aesthetics. Artificial materials can be uncomfortable and inflexible. Experts rather recommend choosing ones made of natural materials, such as leather or satin. In case you have a lot of trouble finding the perfect shoes, you can purchase custom-made shoes. This option will also allow you to adjust the heel, or their type to your own liking, and above all to the style of wedding dress. Remember to make such a purchase well in advance, because then you will be able to unlace the shoes before the wedding. It is a good idea to make sure that you are able to wear them all night long. If necessary, you can still order another model if they turn out to be uncomfortable

Find the best complement to your styling

If you are buying shoes for your wedding, the color is also an important consideration. It should be the best possible match to your dress. The shoes for the wedding do not necessarily have to be snow white. There are other shades that work well with wedding styling. Beige and ivory are also in fashion. If you choose a versatile color, you can use such shoes for other celebrations. You can also match the shade of shoes with accessories and bet on such with interesting inserts. Then they can be gold or silver, depending on the chosen jewelry. It is also important to match the shoes with the style of the dress. Try to create the perfect balance. If the dress is very ornate, then go for minimalist shoes. Then it will not be a dominant element, but a delicate complement

Choose the type of heel

When it comes to the heel, rather choose one that you are used to. It doesn’t have to be very high. Sometimes even a smaller stiletto can give an interesting effect that will impress all your guests. The safest height is 7-8 cm. If you don’t feel comfortable in such kind of shoes, you can even choose ballerinas. They are becoming more and more popular. They will also fit for a boho style wedding or one organized in the countryside. If you have a very long dress, they won’t even be visible and you will feel confident. It’s also a brilliant option in case you don’t want to add extra centimeters, for example, because of your height

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