5 Carrie Bradshaw looks that would also be on trend today
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5 Carrie Bradshaw looks that would also be on trend today

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It has been more than 20 years since the premiere of the cult female series Sex in the Big City! You might think that the looks worn by Jessica Parker, who played Sarah, the main character, in the late 90s and early 00s are a thing of the past, but nothing could be further from the truth! Discover Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite fashion rules that are still trendy today.

The four New York City-based Carrie Bradshaw characters were notable above all for their original personalities and their love of fashion. During the six years of the series’ broadcasting, Carrie was best remembered as a style icon. Hundreds of different outfits could be seen on the screen. Some of Bradshaw’s fashion principles seem more relevant today than ever before. Learn about them and decide which ones you would like to implement into your closet.

1. Satin dresses resembling a nightgown

Carrie loved light, airy dresses, to which she added jewelry such as pearls and her beloved high heels. The heroine often experimented with fashion on screen and was able to go out on the street of one of the biggest cities in the world in authentic shirt pajamas, putting on only fur coat and boots.

Once surprising, today satin dresses resembling those from the underwear drawer – are very trendy! Slip dresses were seen on the catwalks of the biggest fashion houses such as Versace and Burberry. Slip dresses of various variants can be found in fashion chains such as Zara and Reserved. This trend is the best example of casual elegance.

2. Combine tight with oversized

Bradshaw loved these combinations and you have to admit that she knew how to do it with good taste. Pairing a fitted skirt with an oversized sweater is a very fashionable solution that works for any occasion because of its versatility

Match with high heels for a more elegant look. If you prefer sporty look, opt for sneakers or addidas. One thing is for sure, this look will look amazing in both versions!

3. Colors, colors and more colors

If you only feel comfortable in black, that’s fine! The best hairstyle is the one that boosts your confidence and that you simply feel good in

Not all of us like to look like a colorful bird, but Carrie certainly loved it. This year, it’s going to be extremely fashionable to combine pastel shades with sharp colors, the combination of which is not obvious at first glance

We’ve often seen Bradshaw in different pieces of clothing, each in a different color, yet all looking stunning. If you’re not sure what’s best to pair with what, here’s our little tip. Red loves purple, green loves pink, and blue loves yellow.

4. Opt for accessories

It’s not all about accentuating a dress full of patterns and lace with masses of accessories, which will ultimately make us look like a Christmas tree at Christmas. In fashion there is often a saying that the less the better, but sometimes we focus on finding original clothes and forget that we can create a stunning outfit by adding trendy accessories to simple solutions

Carrie has mastered adding a little spice to her outfits with a variety of accessories. One color dress? Match it with a patterned coat or a fashionable hat or helmet. A cool, elegant blouse? Accentuate it with bolder jewelry that draws attention to you. Simple style? You can always spice it up with patterned shoes or a handbag.

5. Mix cheap with expensive

By all accounts, Carrie didn’t skimp on her closet. On more than one occasion, she spent her last money on shoes, and there was no shortage of clothes from famous designers in her closet. However, in addition to luxury stores, Bradshaw also liked to visit second-hands.

In fashion, as in many other fields, the golden mean is the most important. It is not true to say that you have to spend a lot of money to look fashionable. However, if you are the lucky owner of well-known branded gems, do not dress in logos from head to toe. Simple styles that only complement the branded accessory look the most fashionable, but also with a sense of style.

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