How to do professional makeup yourself? Step by step guide
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How to do professional makeup yourself? Step by step guide

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Professional makeup makes a woman look beautiful. It allows to effectively mask imperfections, highlight the advantages, correct the shape of the face and emphasize the cheekbones. Make-ups differ from each other. The ones chosen for everyday use should be delicate, while evening make-up is associated with strongly emphasized eyes and lips

Choose the right accessories

To apply makeup, you need the right accessories, such as brushes or sponges to spread foundation. Professional accessories can be found at any drugstore. Long bristle brushes are used to apply loose powder, while medium bristle brushes are perfect for liquid foundation. The short, sharply cut brushes are used for precise makeup application of eyebrows, eyes and lips. These accessories are more and more often used interchangeably with sponges. Their main task is to spread foundation and powder evenly. They are definitely better – they mask skin irregularities more precisely

Choose the right cosmetics

For a professional makeup you need liquid foundation, concealer, makeup base, loose powder, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow gel and coloring lipstick. Finally, the makeup should be fixed with the right cosmetic. The hardest part is choosing the perfect foundation. The product should be completely invisible on the face. If it blends with the skin, it means that its color is suitable

How to do the makeup step by step?

Before applying makeup, you need to apply a toner to your skin, and then a cream. The face must be nourished, so this activity precedes the application of makeup cosmetics. After waiting 10 minutes, you can proceed with the make-up

Make-up should start with applying a suitable base on the face. This cosmetic fixes the make-up, smoothes out imperfections, brightens the skin and makes the foundation look natural. The base should be chosen according to your skin type. A gel-based one is recommended for women with oily skin, whereas a silicone or oil-based one should be used by those with dry skin

The next step is applying foundation or mineral powder on the face. Foundation should match the shade of your skin tone, or it can be a shade lighter. The fluid is applied from the inside of the face towards the outside. Apply foundation evenly on the face with a long bristle brush. Don’t forget about the jaw area, which is where foundation tends to show most

To conceal imperfections or dark circles under the eyes, use a concealer. It is applied on the spot and then gently patted into the skin. On the upper and lower eyelids you can apply a lightening foundation, which not only covers up imperfections but also serves as a perfect base for eye shadows

Now it is time to fix the makeup. For this purpose, you should use powder or loose powder, which is applied all over the face. The powdery one gives a strongly opaque effect, while the powdered one has a mattifying effect. It is important to remember that the product should not be too bright, otherwise it will give a completely different effect from that expected. Beginners are recommended to use transparent powder. The makeup will be fixed, and the color will match

The next step is to contour the face. Bronzer should be applied along the cheek lines and at the hairline near the forehead. Use a blush on the cheeks and apply a little highlighter on the top of the cheekbones. This will give your face a radiant look

The next step is eyebrow and eye makeup. If your eyebrows are dark and thick, use a brush to comb them through and then fix them in place with a brow gel. Eye makeup, on the other hand, is entirely up to you. Here you can experiment and mix different shadows. However, keep in mind that not all eye shadow colors are compatible with every iris color. Black pencils and eyeliner work well with large eyes. On the other hand, if you have narrow eyes, grey or brown crayon shades are recommended. Eyeliner can be applied only on the upper eyelid or the entire eyelid can be covered with it. Mascara should be applied according to the desired effect. There are products that curl, thicken or lengthen lashes

Finally, it is recommended to use lipstick or lip gloss to emphasize the color of your lips. Then you gain confidence that the make-up will last for several more hours.

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