How do I care for the cuticles around my nails?
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How do I care for the cuticles around my nails?

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A perfect manicure is not only perfect nails, but also perfect cuticles around them. However, many people have a problem with cracking and pulling them, which can look unsightly and spoil the final effect. So how to deal with them? Are there effective ways to care for the cuticles around the nails? Of course! There are many methods that allow you to deal with dry and stubborn cuticles, and contrary to appearances do not require from us a large financial investment! For this purpose, we can use both home methods and specialized products, and we will explain in today’s entry, which of the ways are the most effective. We invite you to read a short guide, which was created in collaboration with brand!

Nail cuticle care products

On the market of nail styling products, there are many preparations for cuticle care. So which of them are the most effective, and which are worth reaching for?

Cuticle and nail oils

Cuticle oils are one of the basics for every professional stylist, so they can not be missing in the collection of home amateur. They can be found in both perfumed and unscented versions. These are preparations that perfectly moisturize, nourish and elasticize the cuticles, and at the same time prevent them from drying. Depending on the selected brand, cuticle oils contain many vitamins and plant oil extracts that perfectly care for the epidermis. They can be used even several times a day, even between hybrid manicures, so their use should become a habit.

Hand and nail creams

Another preparations for everyday use are hand and nail creams. These are products that should be used all year round, regardless of the weather – because regularity is important, because only then it will bring the intended effect. Depending on the composition, they differ significantly in properties, so the product should be adjusted to your preferences. In spring and summer we should choose light, moisturizing creams, and in autumn and winter – oiling and protective ones. We can apply them 3 times a day, and in case of serious problems with dry skin, even 4-5 times a day.

Cuticle and nail balms and masks

Depending on the product chosen, lotions and masks can be used several times a week. These contain vitamins, enzymes and fruit acids, i.e. substances that perfectly support epidermis regeneration. Their regular use allows for deep moisturizing, oiling and improving the condition of both the nail plate and the cuticles around it. And although balms and masks are not used as often as the mentioned cuticle olives and hand creams, it does not mean that they are less effective. The best solution is to combine these three types of preparations, which will allow for even more lasting results.

Home methods of cuticle care around nails

The most effective way to accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis, is to combine the use of preparations such as cuticle oils, hand creams and lotions and masks, with home care methods. So how do you nourish your nails and cuticles using products found at home? A combination of olive oil, honey and lemon juice has phenomenal properties. Just mix them to get an extremely nourishing mask, in which we can soak our hands several times a week. Another products that have a beneficial effect on nails and cuticles around them, is coconut oil, flaxseed and ordinary sugar, from which we can prepare a very effective scrub – suggests nail stylist Karolina Cieślak (her work can be found at:

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