Don’t hide those summer clothes just yet. They will still be fashionable in autumn
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Don’t hide those summer clothes just yet. They will still be fashionable in autumn

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Some elements of your holiday closet can be worn during the rest of the year. They will perfectly fit into outfits for slightly cooler days. What are they? Here are the most interesting and stylish proposals!

Suit vest

In summer it complemented the look with shorts, we put it on a dress, and in autumn it will go perfectly with cigarette pants or skinny jeans – in casual version, broken up with sports shoes and a city bag, or in elegant version with a shirt and stilettos. A suit vest can also be worn with a turtleneck and boots.

It is a very versatile element of clothing, which in a few seconds can spice up our outfit, especially if we bet on a model in a classic color and without patterns. Moreover, it is also suitable for work, even if we are bound by the office dress code.

Short jackets

Not only crop tops are fashionable, but also mini jackets, sometimes even more like a bolero than a jacket. During vacations they go well with short skirts, dresses and Bermudas. In autumn, do not hide them in the closet

High-waisted pants and a short jacket are a combination promoted by the biggest designers. Loose and boxy cuts are particularly popular. Their color can be classic or totally crazy.

Lingerie dresses

Slip dress is the hot trend of 2021, which we can successfully wear after the end of summer. Underwear dresses on thin straps are extremely feminine, sensual, yet minimalistic.

It looks great on its own (vacation version), as well as with a thick cardigan, sweater, coat, jacket or ramones. In addition, in winter we can put a turtleneck under it, and on the feet boots or boots – to break its delicate character.

Dresses with buffet sleeves

This season also belongs to buffet sleeves, even balloon sleeves – on dresses, shirts and blouses. Airy midi or maxi length dresses made of natural materials are perfect for the sunny summer, as well as the cooler autumn or frosty winter. They look stylish, but at the same time are very comfortable and convenient.

They can be matched with sneakers, heavy boots or cowboy boots, with or without tights, with a cardigan, a denim jacket or a coat. This is one of the most versatile elements in your closet – it will work both on a daily basis and for evening outings

Clogs with… socks

Spring 2021 saw the great return of clogs, i.e. clogs associated rather with the footwear of medical staff than a fashionable element of our outfit. However, it turns out that there are plenty of models in stores in a variety of colors, finishes, decorations and it is not at all difficult to style them. Clogs work well with pants, and with dresses and skirts.

Stylists agree to keep them in your closet, because in autumn they will also serve us – in combination with warm socks and tights, not only plain, but also in patterns, even the craziest ones.

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