How does social media help the beauty and fashion industry in the age of pandemonium?

How does social media help the beauty and fashion industry in the age of pandemonium?

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The coronavirus pandemic has put many industries and businesses in crisis. Many have had to change their approach to how they communicate with customers and how they provide services. Companies associated with the beauty and fashion industries have not been spared either. A significant role in this process has been played by social media, which often exerts the need for positive change on brands. More and more people want to shop at transparent companies, for which the fate of the environment is not indifferent

How have the strategies of cosmetics and fashion companies changed during the ongoing pandemic? Certainly the product alone is no longer enough to entice customers. Brands are taking steps to be creative in communicating with their audiences, providing impeccable customer service and changing their approach to environmental issues. It’s only natural that we are more likely to shop at stores whose philosophy we agree with and identify with. Check out what beauty and fashion brands have been doing in recent months

How will new technologies change the beauty and fashion industry?

  1. The new face of stationary stores

More and more often we buy clothes online, but nothing can replace the possibility of trying on a dress or coat in a stationary boutique. Some companies want to create completely new concepts for their stores that allow customers to experience a new type of experience. A great example is the Burberry brand, which opened its first interactive tour space in China. It is a great place to understand the heritage of Thomas Burberry

The idea is fully digital, to use it, you need an account on WeChat, through which you meet your guide; an avatar in the form of a friendly animal. The application allows us to access more content, share our experiences with others or book a table at the local cafe. This is a great example of how the brand is using the power of social media and new technology to get people to identify with Burberry

  1. Virtual closet, or Ralph Lauren’s collaboration with Snapchat

Another company that is using innovation and social media to reach a younger age group is Ralph Lauren. The brand has created a virtual closet in collaboration with the Snapchat app. Users can dress their avatars in luxury clothing from Ralph Lauren. This endeavor aims to expand the brand’s influence to a new generation and a creative approach to marketing and connecting with audiences. The company has already announced new projects in collaboration with the youth app to use augmented reality and street graffiti. It’s a fantastic move that engages an entirely different audience than the existing clientele of Ralph Lauren boutiques

  1. Tommy Hilfiger, Charlotte Tilbury and their virtual stores

Big fashion and beauty brands are looking for ways to make the online shopping experience more complete. These are to be virtual stores that are interactive and dynamic. Their goal is to engage customers in the shopping process, which is no longer just browsing through another photo in a catalog. Charlotte Tilbury brand creates an idea of Beauty Wonderland, which offers something more than just shopping. We can visit the virtual boutique accompanied by Charlotte’s avatar, who can tell us what is in each section. In addition, customers have access to live streamed events, numerous tutorials, and engaging and inviting their friends to participate in events

Tommy Hilfiger also wants to offer its online customers something more than simply adding products to a virtual shopping cart. The interactive store is divided into 5 floors, each offering different products. When browsing through the offer, music can be heard in the background, which is supposed to resemble shopping in a stationary store. Moreover, the customer has a possibility of a real conversation with an employee of the company, which is an additional plus

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