The 1970s is a strong trend this season. Here’s how to give these stories a contemporary twist
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The 1970s is a strong trend this season. Here’s how to give these stories a contemporary twist

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The latest fashion trends clearly show that there has been a huge comeback of the 1970s. It is the unique styles from this decade that reign in modern hairstyles. Here is a look at how you can give them a more modern look. Here are some suggestions!

The Great Comeback of the 70s.

New trends emerge with each passing season. Styles, which had their heyday several decades ago, often return to favour. This is no different in 2021. Styles inspired by the 1970s, but with a more modern twist, are now popular. The new trends include floral styles known from that decade as well as unique, luscious hairstyles. Trends from the 1970s are reminiscent of world class actresses and celebrities who have made their mark on the world of beauty. It is no wonder that extra-long eyelashes, glamorous make-up and graceful hairstyles are back in fashion time and time again. The freedom of self-expression popularized in the 1970s seems to be especially important today, at the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century

Trendy hairstyles from the 1970s are back in fashion!

One of the most important styling elements of the 1970s are the distinctive hairstyles. What sets these hairstyles apart from others is the incredible volume. Most importantly, the voluminous hairstyles show a particularly sensuous, girly, and natural look. Voluminous hair like this ideally accentuates a girlish, youthful hairstyle. The well-tended, beautifully framed hairstyle softens the lines of your face. What makes this hair style so appealing? The secret lies in the right cut and the positioning of the bangs. This hairstyle beautifully accentuates the shape of the face

Sensual Shaggy Hair

The 70s is not just a hairstyle commonly associated with the style promoted by Farrah Fawcett. Women whose hair is not so easy to manage will be particularly pleased with this style. For these women in particular, the appealing shaggy hair style is the perfect solution. The front of the hair is softly layered to create ample volume. As this example shows, shaggy hair comes in many different forms. You may also decide to wear bangs, which cover your entire forehead. Of course, if you don’t like bangs, shaggy hair can be achieved by pulling the fringe to the side

Manicures and glitter in 70s hairstyles.

Trends from the 70s are definitely worth using in makeup. It is worth betting on glitter, as well as colored eye shadows. Another very important element of the hairstyle is the manicure. Inspired by trends from the 70s, let’s choose warm and bright colors. We can also create interesting patterns on our nails that will attract attention

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