When to wear a white men’s shirt?

When to wear a white men’s shirt?

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Every man probably has a white shirt in his closet. It is the basis of every classic outfit and the easiest way to look elegant. You can wear it for many different occasions, not only for formal meetings. We suggest how to wear men’s shirts on everyday and special occasions.

Formal occasions

The occasion for which men usually wear white shirts are weddings. This is one of those celebrations, which, although in practice have a rather casual character, require formal attire. Elegant styling is mandatory for all wedding guests, but a white shirt is not an absolute requirement if you don’t have a seat at the head table. The witness or the witness’s partner and of course the groom should choose white shirts to match the suit. Classics are increasingly being broken, a black suit is no longer the only appropriate choice for the groom, and men on great occasions instead of black socks wear those colorful and patterned. Nevertheless, there are parts of the outfit, which should not be modernized. The formal white pin-striped shirt is just one of such elements. As a groom, you should choose just such a shirt – buttons at the sleeves are admittedly acceptable, but definitely less elegant

Other occasions that call for a white shirt under a suit include prom, graduation, and going to the theater or philharmonic

If your workplace or position requires elegant attire, a white shirt is always a safe option. Other colors, such as blue or light pink are also appropriate, but not for all occasions. It is always a good idea to be prepared and dressed appropriately, whether it is for a casual day at work or an unexpected visit from an important person. A white shirt also makes casual outfits automatically more formal, so you can pair it even with plain black jeans. Business casual gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to styling, so you can wear a white shirt with a stand-up collar or combine it with a sweater, from which only the collar will be visible. For the perfect office outfit, visit https://milermenswear.com/. For jobs that do not require a strict dress code, you can wear colored shirts, or even striped or checked shirts. However, avoid very expressive and crazy, for example, Hawaiian, patterns

White shirt for a date

On a first date, you know that everyone wants to make the best impression possible. However, you need to adjust your outfit to the nature and place of the meeting. For a walk in the park, a white shirt with a stand-up collar and light-colored pants will be a perfect, not too formal, but not quite casual combination. Dinner in a restaurant is another occasion for which you can safely wear a white shirt and jacket. However, if you prefer a more active way of spending time with your other half, opt for a sportier style and leave the shirt at home. Before a meeting, especially one that doesn’t impose a specific dress code (such as the cinema), it’s a good idea for the two of you to agree on what outfit you plan to wear. This will help avoid awkward situations where one person is dressed very formally and the other is wearing jeans and a t-shirt

Men’s elegance is by no means a simple matter, but by knowing a few simple rules, you can avoid many slip-ups. If you are not sure whether to wear formal attire to an event, do not be afraid to ask the organizers. Remember that if you know that you should dress elegantly, a white shirt is a universal and always safe choice

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