Florence Welch vs Paloma Faith – the unconventional style of the British singers
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Florence Welch vs Paloma Faith – the unconventional style of the British singers

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Paloma Faith and Florence Welch are two original and very talented singers from Great Britain who, in addition to their musical careers, have attracted worldwide attention with their looks. Their extraordinary style brings to mind other eras and the greatest stars of the stage and cinema.

The presented stars are an inspiration for fashion designers, musicians and filmmakers, although their main asset is their beautiful voice. These two artists have a little in common. Both were born in London, attended drama schools and their vocal debut was in the same year, i.e. 2009. Both, in their professional and private work, use the vintage style and look so phenomenal in it that they were even proclaimed the Queens of Vintage.

Paloma Faith

Sexy like Marilyn Monroe, chic like old Hollywood actresses and expressive (and sometimes dramatic) like Edith Piaf or Billie Holiday. Such is Paloma Faith on stage and in life, a woman with crazy red hair in curls or a bun, or a golden blonde whose sex appeal reminds a bit of a praying mantis or a woman with borderline. Always wearing high heels, red lipstick and colourful, extravagant outfits that either inspire adoration and delight or simply a smile, because deep down Paloma is like a colourful butterfly – beautiful, seductive and unpredictable.

She knows how to use retro style to bring out all the assets of her beauty, she likes to demonstrate her individualism through bright colors, shiny materials and combining different styles and trends. She is coquettish and daring. Not without reason, she also became the designer of a lingerie collection, the proceeds from the sales of which were donated to Breast Cancer Care, an organization dedicated to fighting breast cancer (her mother struggled with the disease). She was also reportedly a magician’s assistant in her youth, which may have also influenced her charming personality.

Florence Welch

” On stage I am the Lady of Shalott combined with Ophelia and a ghostly gothic lady. In real life, however, I am somewhat pedantic and modest,” said Florence Welch, the other magical singer from Great Britain, who glides through her videos like a ghost, an actress from a Japanese theater or a girl taken from a secret garden. Her red hair and serious face, remind a little of actress Marlene Dietrich. Florence is very malleable, with expressive makeup and it is clear that she has had some exposure to theater in the past. She has been hailed as a style icon because she is very authentic in all these romantic and avant-garde creations

This singer and songwriter is a representative of the indie rock movement, or independent rock artists. With her flowing, semi-transparent robes, her studied, theatrical dance moves and her strong makeup, she reminds us a little of Kate Bush, who performed alternative pop and art rock a decade earlier and is also English. Florence also refers to the romanticism of flower children, wearing bell-bottomed pants, floral and loose-fitting clothing, and white, flowing dresses and cowboy boots. Her unique style was appreciated by Karl Lagerfeld himself, who directs the house of Channel and invited her to his catwalk as well as the fashion house Gucci, calling Florence his muse. Are not these the best recommendations?

Fashion that comes from the heart

Both artists are very authentic in their styles and it is clear that they were not created just for marketing purposes. Both Paloma Faith and Florence Welch are very bold in what they put on. They want to emphasize their individuality and originality, be unique, inspire others and draw on the most beautiful manifestations of vintage. And they succeed perfectly, because such fashion must come from the heart. They both go back to the past, as if they wanted to say with their outfits that modernity is boring and devoid of magic, and the fashion world should bring back that magic.

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