What to bring with you to the beach?

What to bring with you to the beach?

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The holiday season is in full swing – some people spend it by the lake, while others, by the sea. That is why we have prepared a practical kit for every holidaymaker, which will allow you to fully enjoy your vacation on the beach

Take care of the comfort of your holiday by the water

When going to the beach, you should first of all take care of your comfort. That’s why it’s best to get a large beach towel, which will not only help dry your body after a cool dip, but will also be perfect for lounging in the sun – after all, no one likes sand sticking to their body. A great alternative to a beach towel can also be picnic blankets, which, when unfolded, create a comfortable place to sit even for several people. In this case, the best choice will be those with a waterproof layer, which prevents them from getting wet. These models can also be folded into a pack so they don’t take up much space in your bag.

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Portable cooler or thermal bag

A cool drink or a fresh, cold watermelon is a great way to refresh yourself while at the beach, especially if it’s for a few hours. In this case, a portable cooler or a thermal bag is ideal to ensure that the products are at the right temperature and do not spoil in the heat

Protection from the sun is essential

After the gray winter days everyone wants to catch as much sun as possible, but while on the beach it is worth remembering that overexposure can end in painful burns at best, and sunstroke at worst. Therefore, always take care to protect yourself from the sun by taking the following products with you

  • cream with UV filter – it is best to bet on products with SPF 30, which on the one hand prevent painful burns and on the other hand allow you to tan. It is also worth remembering that even water-resistant creams with UV filters require reapplication after swimming to be fully effective,
  • headgear – a baseball cap, kerchief or straw hat is a must have for every sunbather. Our head is particularly vulnerable to overheating, so it is worth protecting it from the intense sun,
  • sunglasses – although most people will certainly remember about them – after all, they are an obligatory element of a holiday look, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in addition to darkening they also offer protection against harmful UV rays

Be prepared for anything

On the beach it is not difficult to get minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions, which it would be a good idea to protect from sand and bacteria. Therefore, when packing for the beach, remember to bring a first aid kit, which should include waterproof plasters, hydrogen peroxide, ointment or gel for insect bites, and painkillers. This way you can be sure that nothing will interfere with your relaxing vacation

Fashionable beach bag

The last item that should not be missing from the equipment of every beach person is a fashionable beach bag. On one hand, it allows you to create a cool holiday look, but on the other hand, it allows you to pack everything you need. Thanks to it, all the most important items will be in one place, so you won’t have to worry about losing them

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Are these all the products you should take with you to the beach? Definitely not. This is because each of us has different preferences and needs while relaxing by the water. However, it is worth remembering that the listed products are the basis of every trip. You can also add to them your favorite book, wet wipes, inflatable swimming accessories, and waterproof cases for keys, documents and phone, which will protect valuable items from accidental flooding or splashing

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