Styling the 90s – here are our suggestions
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Styling the 90s – here are our suggestions

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Fashion is like a boomerang, and every couple of decades it makes an impetuous return to the living rooms, and then goes away again for a while. Although it is hard to believe and even harder to admit, the nineties started over thirty years ago! So it’s time for a fashion comeback. Check out our picks for outfits inspired by the nineties.

TV style

One of the style icons of the 1990s was Jennifer Aniston and her character Rachel Green in the TV series Friends . Many of the looks from the series are still used as fashion models from the period of the series’ broadcast. She was by far the most stylish character of the whole group of friends, and from episode to episode she became more and more stunning with her outfits. The cult hairstyle “the Rachel”, modeled on Jennifer Aniston’s cut, took over the U.S. and Western Europe, which only confirms the phenomenon of the series and the character of Rachel herself. Characteristic elements of her looks are high-waisted jeans or flared, girly mini skirts paired with tight tops or loose, sporty t-shirts, styled in a feminine way. If you want to look like the star of the cult TV series, your closet must include loose blue jeans, flared mini skirt, tights with subtle patterns, turtleneck top, loose white shirt and T-shirt with a built-up neckline. The look is certainly completed with the perfect Armani sneakers, which Rachel herself would certainly wear.

In the TV series Friends , Jennifer was not the only one to impress with her style. Monica Geller, played by Courtney Cox for ten years, also became famous for her outfits. To emulate the style of the Ross sister, red is a must-have in your closet. A top in a bright shade of red, high-waisted jeans, a princess cut dress, dungarees with suspenders, and loose, flowy shirts are Monica’s trademarks. Although her roommate is by far the more fashion-forward of the two, Monica is not at all inferior to Rachel.

Outfit in grunge style

Another important element of the nineties was the grunge style and music. Formed in the late eighties, the band Nirvana started a trend that defined the aesthetic in the last decade of the twentieth century. Strong smokey eye make-up, a beanie hat, torn pants and mesh gloves – this was the rock outfit of Kurt Cobain’s fans. Black jeans with holes and rips are not hard to find in popular chain stores, wear with them a black T-shirt, flannel shirt with black and red check and – of course – a choker. Chokers in the nineties and early 2000s were simply braided, usually black string. Nowadays in stores there is no shortage of chokers much more reminiscent of jewelry – with decorative pendants and various materials, for example, velvet ribbon or eco-leather

The nineties are remembered by millenials as beautiful, carefree and simply “better” times. Many clothes from that period you can probably still find in your or your mother’s closet. If you like the aesthetics of the late twentieth century, do not hesitate to experiment with this style, modernize it and add touches of yourself. Fashion is for self-expression, so don’t shy away from creativity.

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