Thursday, 30 November, 2023

foto: Amir SeilSepour/Pexels

A new trend in eyebrow styling for bold and confident girls. No more perfectly adjusted eyebrows, time for thick and strongly emphasised ones.

Thanks to schoolboy brows the eyes are expressive without strong make-up and the look has a mysterious character. In years gone by, thick eyebrows did not inspire much enthusiasm, but the coming season will revolutionise the approach to their styling and appearance

Schoolboy brows – how to do them?

Natural, strong and dense eyebrows are no longer associated with neglect, and are evidence of a fashionable and confident appearance. “Schoolboy eyebrows”, because this is how to translate the new trend in free translation are characterized by a natural look. To perform this eyebrow styling, you just need to apply 3 simple tricks. First of all, you need to comb your eyebrows well with a brush. This will allow you to line them up nicely and get rid of any minor debris. The next step is to use an eyebrow pencilto shape your eyebrows and to touch up any overly light areas. The last stage of styling is applying a colourless brow gel, which allows us to shape them into a proper “bushy” structure. The gel phenomenally fixes the styling for the whole day. British singer Perrie Edwards, model Cara Delevigne and Hana Crossare some of the most popular models and influencers

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