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Most often each of us focuses on facial care, forgetting that our bodies also require proper care and attention. Lack of adequate hydration and nourishment causes the skin on the legs, thighs, buttocks and abdomen to become deprived of firmness and often becomes dry. In this article you will learn how to effectively take care of your body to avoid the problem, which is dry skin.

Every day we pay special attention to facial care. We devote much time and attention to it. We choose the best creams and serums at the drugstore and we follow a multi-step skin care routine in the morning and in the evening. But what about the body? The problem that most of us face every day is dry skin on legs. We often limit ourselves to lotion once or several times a week. We are more careful about taking care of the skin on our legs in the summer season, when we want to look stunning in shorts or dresses. But this is not enough, and as we get older, lack of care throughout the year will reflect on our body in the form of cellulite, sags and stretch marks. How to prevent this? Learn the most common causes of dry skin and avoid the following mistakes!

Choosing the wrong products

If you choose a cream, serum or toner for your face and meticulously study its ingredients. Why, then, would you reach for the best lotion on the drugstore shelf? The skin on your legs has different needs and it is worth choosing a high quality product adequate to the problem. Do you have dry skin on your legs or the rest of your body? Opt for good quality shea butter or cold-pressed oils. Grey and lacking firmness? Then choose products rich in vitamins and fatty acids, which in addition to moisturizing your body will regenerate it. It is worth choosing good quality cosmetics, which will protect your skin from the disastrous effects of aging rather than later spend a lot of money on aesthetic medicine treatments. Prevention is always better!

You apply too little or too little lotion

It is extremely important to properly moisturize dry skin on your legs and the rest of your body. This helps your skin stay hydrated, firm, smooth and free of major imperfections. However, if dry skin is moisturized once, tops, twice a week and with a small amount of product, don’t expect your body to look good during the summer season. Be sure to moisturize after every wash!

Not exfoliating

Do you buy high quality cosmetics but don’t see satisfactory results? It’s quite possible that the problem is a lack of regular exfoliation. How are beneficial nutrients supposed to break through the layer of dead skin? That’s why it’s so important to do exfoliation, which will allow the cosmetics to work. What’s more, they stimulate circulation, make dry skin on the legs velvety to the touch, and counteract the formation of unsightly orange peel.

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