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Victoria Beckham, Emily Ratajkowski, and Amal Clooney are three very different women who have one thing in common: an amazing sense of style and elegant looks. You may easily incorporate them into your office outfits!

Styling for the Office – What Should You Keep in Mind?

Styling for the office should be elegant, classic and timeless. A shirt and pants are ideal. If you want to go a bit wild, opt for wide-legged pants or a shirt in a lively color or with interesting sleeves.

When it comes to skirts and dresses, pencil skirts (but not tight-fitting), straight cuts and slightly flared skirts work well – but not mini ones. There is no point in overdoing it with accessories. Strong jewelry is better left for social gatherings.

We have chosen three stars who have a keen sense of style and are at ease with the current trends. Their style should inspire us. Who are they?

Victoria Beckham

The British style icon has come a long way but has worked hard to establish herself in the fashion industry. Today, her hairstyles are perfected down to the smallest detail.

What should we take from Victoria Beckham? First of all, less is more. Elegance and class do not need huge accessories, flashy jewelry, designer logos or bright colors.

The strength lies in simplicity. Timeless cuts and a subdued color palette are suitable for any time and any place. Victoria often reaches for total looks, for example navy blue, which will be perfect for the office. It is therefore worth buying a navy blue midi dress or a navy blue suit. We can often see such a suit on her, because the designer likes to use elements of men’s clothing.

Let’s not forget about the coat, which is Victoria Beckham’s trademark. It will go well with any outfit and we will look professional in it at a business meeting.

Emily Ratajkowski

American model and actress with Polish roots has great taste and excellent fashion sense. Her account on Instagram is watched by over 28 million people. Emily is famous not only for boldly exposing her body, but also for the so-called power looks that serve as inspiration for office styling.

A mustard-coloured suit with a waist belt is a great choice. Oversize jackets and high-waisted pants are also great choices. White is also a popular choice, e.g., in the form of a shirt or turtleneck.

In her everyday life Ratajkowski prefers subdued colors, which include not only white but also a lot of beige and brown. A beige elegant coat or a brown handbag are items that would also be good for the office

Amal Clooney

George Clooney’s wife is an undisputed fashion icon. Virtually every outfit she wears to the office is suitable. The lawyer always looks great whether she is wearing a dress, skirt, or pants.

She is not afraid to use color in her outfits, although it is always appropriate for the occasion and perfectly matches her complexion. It is worth smuggling it in the details. She is also usually seen wearing high-heeled shoes. How do you survive a day at work in them? Instead of stilettos Amal chooses high heels and chunky heels. It is a good idea to use this trick. She also goes for functionality when it comes to accessories – a large leather shopper is her number one handbag.

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