Wednesday, 4 October, 2023


Light waves, a high chignon or ponytail, braids in the back or on the side. These are all fashionable hair style ideas, which will make you shine at the party. Which one do you decide on?

Whether it is a wedding, a fancy party, New Year’s Eve or a night out with friends, for special occasions you simply want to look dazzling. For this we need suitable shoes, the right dress, accessories, make-up and of course, beautiful hair. The hairstyle should fit the occasion and the entire outfit, styling and make-up. Our hairstyle will also depend on the length and thickness of our hair. Some hairstyles are simply timeless and always a good choice for a big event. Here are our top 5 choices!

1. The Hollywood Star Hairstyle

This is the classic look with light waves, a side parting and slightly raised bangs. A favourite look for stars from the golden era of Hollywood like Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo. This hairstyle is elegant in its own right. It adds class and style to any outfit. The combination with light make-up and red lips looks sensational. The hairstyle looks natural and gives the impression that it does not require much effort but definitely has “that something”. This look definitely makes us feel sexy.

2. The High Chignon

This hairstyle takes its inspiration from the 1960s. It almost brings to mind Audrey Hepburn from the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. The updo is also a very elegant hairstyle, which is best suited for a ball or a fancy party. Classical updos are still very popular. Classic updos are ideal for parties and festivities. All you need to do is to secure the updo properly so that it lasts all night long

3. The High ponytail

This hairstyle is made popular by singer Ariana Granda. This is the signature look of stars on stage and on the red carpet. This hairstyle is a great idea if you have long hair. Pulling the hair very taut on top of the head gives a faint lifting effect on the eyebrows and forehead. The root portion of your hair may be smoothed out with the help of special styling paste or gel. This creates the trendy wet look.

4. The Rear Updo with Braid

This is a very girly hairstyle. It looks natural, beautiful and brings out the facial features. The teased hair is braided and secured in the back. The bangs are then pulled back. To give the look of freshness and softness you may like to loosen two strands of hair in the front and allow them to gently frame your face

5. Side Braid

Celebrities often wear this hair style on the red carpet. It is soft and classy. It ideally suits strapless gowns because the braid falling over one shoulder is the center of attention. The hair at the head should be teased to gain volume. If you have a fringe, it’s a good idea to pull it to the side and lift it on a roller

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