Thursday, 30 November, 2023


Want to tighten pores to make them less visible? Even out your skin tone to look gorgeous that day? Or maybe you want to achieve a radiant and glowing face? Be sure to use ice cubes! Makeup artists and celebrities all over the world use this trick! Find out how to do it.

Ice cubes are great for evening out skin tone because when applied to the face they constrict blood vessels and thus reduce redness. What’s more, they’re great for reducing morning puffiness and brightening your complexion. It’s a good idea to use them just before makeup because they are great for narrowing pores. So how to use this trick?

First of all, ice cubes should be made of mineral water. You should make them in advance and use them when needed. Moreover, they must be applied on a cleansed and toned face. You can start applying the cubes to your face prepared this way. Apply these to your skin and then make circular motions. Massage your face with the ice cubes for a few minutes. In case of puffiness – until you get satisfactory results. Be sure to let us know after testing the treatment how you like this technique and how you rate the results.

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